Month: January 2015

Stock Updates: 29 Jan

Just a small update today. The X58L has sold for £40. Interesting story behind this. Two minutes before the buyer shows up, a large nosebleed starts. I’ve never seen someone buy an item and leave so quickly, but I suppose answering the door with a face and hands covered in blood was probably not a good first impression. Still, it’s sold now. Total spend was £12 + £4 for the palmrest + £2 for the key + £5 for the charger, meaning a total of £23. Selling for £40 gives me a £17 profit. Not the worst in the world.

The dv6710ea is now up for sale as a motherboard donor, minus its hard drive, RAM and screen. Ideally I’d like to fetch £20 for this. But I am eyeing up a couple of immaculate donors with fucked graphics, so it might survive! As for the Acer 5338, the keyboard and base arrived yesterday and were promptly fitted, and as I write this it’s on the side installing updates. Should be listable today, will start it off at £90 (I reckon I could do £120 if it weren’t for the dead pixels on the screen).

After borrowing a housemate’s Dell charger, the battery in this new D630 turns out to be pretty good. A charger has been ordered, the software side of it has been finished, and as soon as the charger arrives, hopefully tomorrow, it will be listed. On one hand, it’s a better spec than the previous one (except for the lack of Bluetooth), but on the other hand, this one is only running XP, so I’ll likely list for the same £60 price.

Once any of these are gone, my next priority is the R510 and the A120. Still keeping an eye out for donor laptops for the Samsung (the search has broadened to R60s and R70s, although the R70 uses the wrong charger), and there are a couple of donors for the A120 that I am considering, but buying the parts is a tiny bit cheaper for this. Having said that, I don’t mind spending a couple of quid more to get extra spares such as RAM, ODDs, wireless cards and screens, or bits I can replace on the current machine, like better batteries or better condition plastics.

As for other things, not much interest so far. A friend tried and decided he didn’t want the Kindle, but I’ve had one or two bites on it this morning on Facebook, so let’s see what happens there. Currently I’m spending time shifting an old Pentium 4 desktop for one of my housemates, and once that’s done I’ll probably have another Acer similar to the 5338 to shift for him as well. (Side note, if you’re reading this Josh, hi!)

Finally, the iPhone 5 arrived back this morning, fully repaired. According to the invoice inside, it’s had a camera and a battery too! A friend of a friend is interested, I’ve put it up for £140 initially, and we’ll see where it goes from there. Total cost so far is the original £60, adding £5 if you choose to count the EE nanoSIM that I’m going to attempt to get rid of with it.


Current Stock: More Latitudes, NVIDIA ALERT and Updates

I happened upon two cheap laptops yesterday, so I ignored my head (and bank account), thought sod it, and picked them up! Which was a mistake. En route, my car decided its suspension didn’t like being intact any more, and TWANG! A coil spring snapped. So really, these laptops have cost me another £65 on top!

Dell Latitude D630 (Another one!)

This is not de ja vu. This is another one!
This is not de ja vu. This is another one!

From the success of the last one, and the interest I got in it, I thought this would be a quick sell. Sadly, it’s got the wrong charger, so I have no idea if the battery is good. A proper Dell adapter is on the cards, and I’m borrowing one from a housemate when I have time later this week to test the battery. This one’s a bit better than the other one, the same 2GB of RAM, but an 80GB hard drive and a Core 2 Duo T7500 at 2.2GHz. No Bluetooth, but this one at least has a DVD rewriter. This is only licensed for XP, and has a decentish install of that almost ready to go already on it. Plan is to clean up that install if I can, to save time. Should sell for similar money to the previous one. Maybe a bit less due to not being on 7.

HP Pavilion dv6710ea

Just look at the new table instead of the laptop...
Just look at the new table instead of the laptop…

WARNING. NVIDIA ALERT. I know, it’s an Nvidia Go 7150 in these and it’s known for going. Was bought as a donor to donate its 250GB hard drive, 3GB RAM and its good screen. It’s missing a battery and battery clip, and one key. The webcam is non-functional, although on further inspection there doesn’t appear to be a cable connected to the laptop. Furthermore the mic cable is damaged too. To make it good to sell it’d want a palmrest and touchpad, base plastics, a screen bezel (this one is cracked), a HDD cover, and a battery. Basically, internally it’s good, externally it’s shit.

I am keeping a brief eye out for a dv6000 with a knackered graphics chip, and might put this good board in one if one comes along. I’m going to give it a week, and if nothing comes up on eBay appropriately priced (or I can’t get a good enough donor on Wednesday or Sunday, as I can’t make Saturday this week), the HDD, RAM and screen will be kept, with the HDD possibly being sold. Everything else will be sold for spares.

Price paid for both: £30

Updates wise, the palmrest and key for the X58L arrived today, and has now been fitted. I had a spare screen in stock so bit the bullet and tried fixing the old one, but it didn’t make much of a difference. I’m now at the point where I don’t really care too much, and just want to get it out of the door. One thing I noticed while changing the palmrest is that one of the wireless antennas had been cut. This would explain the awful wireless signal! Currently getting 3 bars within two feet of the router! It’s now up at £40, realistically I’ll probably achieve £25 to £30. When you factor in the palmrest (£4), the key (£2), and the charger (already had, cost £5 originally), plus the £12 purchase price, that makes £23. Not going to be a great profit on this one. But as long as it’s a profit, that can only be a good thing!

She's finished and ready to go!
She’s finished and ready to go!

Also ordered is a keyboard and bottom base for the Acer 5338. The dead pixels on the screen seem to have reduced slightly, so am going to sell once the new parts are fitted. Plan is to put it up for £80 to £90 and see where we go from there.

Next to get attention after these two will be the Toshiba A120. I’m going to test the screen in a known good laptop (probably the dv6710ea) prior to ordering to see what’s at fault. If the panel works, the inverter will be replaced (£6). If the panel’s at fault, chances are I’ll source one for it at some point. Once I have a working display, a keyboard and charger will be bought.

A couple of donors are being looked at for the R510. So far being eyed up is an R70, which can donate everything needed bar the charger, and an R60 Plus, which can donate everything bar the HDD caddy. If these backfire, once the Acer is sold I’ll just order the parts.

The iPhone 5 has arrived at Apple’s repair centre today. Fingers crossed it’ll be repaired. The Seagate 1TB HDD will be returned tomorrow. The CM NotePal laptop riser was sold to a housemate for £5, so as things stand that lot is a £1 loss (although having said that, I have kept some bits from it such as the 8GB CF card). The Galaxy S4 Mini sold for £25 along with a stick of RAM I paid £1 for. Given the fact that buying it was a mistake, I’m happy with that! Finally, someone finally came and collected that 17″ monitor that came with the X58L!

I think that’s everything up to date!

Tales from the Car Boot: It’s dad’s fault, I swear!

This Saturday, my father decided to visit, so we both went along to my Saturday boot this time, with some interesting purchases made. Sunday seemed to be a day of peripherals, with lots bought (including a nice dark wood and black leather nest of tables for £15, not pictured, but I liked them a lot!)


Toshiba Satellite Pro A120

It didn't like the Ubuntu USB you see attempting to boot in the background
It didn’t like the Ubuntu USB you see attempting to boot in the background

This looked a little rough but the screen seemed good, and it was at a price I could not refuse. An inspection when I got home revealed it was complete internally, with its T2250 processor and 512MB RAM. Boots, but the standard 80GB hard drive is dead, the keyboard is dead (a recurring theme with my purchases lately!) and there’s no backlight for the screen. Plan is to order an inverter, replace the hard drive and keyboard, and then restore back to its original XP (helpfully, a Toshiba recovery DVD was left in the optical drive!). Rough costs are £5 for an inverter, £11 for a keyboard, and another £8 for a charger.
Price Paid: £10

Packard Bell Argo-C

This is what we started with...
This is what we started with…

This was for spares, obviously, I mean, look at it! Most of the parts have been thrown away. Surviving the chop were the 80GB hard drive, 1GB RAM, single-core processor, mini-PCI wireless card, the DC jack (not a soldered one in these!) and the DVD-RW drive, as well as the keyboard. Everything else was chucked, and screws were kept. Hard drive is going in the A120, and we’ll put the RAM in there too.

...and this is what's left!
…and this is what’s left!

Price Paid: £1

Advent 9212

Bloody thing. I can't solder to save my life!
Bloody thing. I can’t solder to save my life!

This was sold to me as working with a broken keyboard. The whole keyboard and touchpad were covered in a clear glue, which was peeled off on the drive back. Missing one key, and another is one from a different laptop. Further inspection reveals the 2GB of RAM and 160GB hard drive this should have aren’t present. Furthermore, the DC jack seemed iffy when tested. It later disintegrated, so needs a new one on.. If I can get it to power up, I might consider replacing the DC jack, but the main thing I want to do is test that the screen is working OK. Might be sold on for parts, not sure yet.
Price Paid: £5


Mystery package!

Guess what's inside without reading down!
Guess what’s inside without reading down!

All of the next few items were on a stand where the guy was clearing out all his old stock. He planned to unwrap this and put whatever it was on the stand, and I said, for a laugh, I’d have it as is for £1. Upon opening the package, it turned out to be…


This Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5″ drive! It appears to have been posted from Belgium to somewhere in Yorkshire, and hasn’t survived the journey. Non-responsive to commands according to SeaTools… but what’s this? Under warranty until February next year? Sending this back to Seagate this week and we’ll see what happens!

Huntkey 65w universal charger

Boxed and ready to go!
Boxed and ready to go!

Looks alright, but only does 18v to 20v, whereas my current universal charger does 15v to 24v, so will probably stick with that. Works fine, intention is to sell for around the £10 to £15 mark.

Call of Duty: Ghosts (PC)

Boxed and ready to play!
Boxed and ready to play!

I’ll be keeping this, provided the code hasn’t already been activated. I liked Modern Warfare 2, but didn’t really rate Black Ops 2, but for the price paid it’s worth a play I think!

Extremeory 8GB CompactFlash card

I'm quite happy with this.
I’m quite happy with this.

This works, and will be kept for my Sony A200, as I’m currently running 2 2GB cards.

Akasa USB 3 internal card reader

Would be great... if it worked.
Would be great… if it worked.

Boxed. Little disappointed as I hoped this would be one I could use on my motherboard’s internal USB3 header, but that’s not the case. Better still, the card reader portion doesn’t work. Stripped it down and basically got myself a USB3 extension lead, and chucked the rest.

Coolermaster NotePal U2 laptop cooler/riser

Arise, sir laptop...
Arise, sir laptop…

This was a little bent but has been bent back into shape. Good working order. Will attempt to sell on but it wouldn’t be so bad to keep. Quite a smart thing, black brushed aluminium, two 80mm fans, connects via USB with a passthrough connector.

Price paid for this lot: £6

I then went back and bought another lot off the same guy!

StarTech USB3 dual SATA enclosure

A nice paperweight.
A nice paperweight.

This is boxed and looks to have been used briefly as the locks on the doors are a little chewed up. Looks like a nice bit of kit though. Upon opening up, oh no, one of the SATA ports is broke, and the other won’t accept a HDD for some reason (tried it with a known working WD 160GB drive). Chucked. Kept the packaging foam to use to return the Seagate, and the power supply (12v 3a, and a fig-8 lead).

StarTech ExpressCard USB3 adapter

A worse paperweight.
A worse paperweight.

This is also boxed. Will be put in my old L300 if working… which it doesn’t appear to be. Nothing happens when I plug it in. Could be a laptop issue, the R510 I have in at the moment has an ExpressCard slot so will try and test in that.

HP/Compaq charger

I couldn't be bothered to open the box... it's a charger, they all look alike!
I couldn’t be bothered to open the box… it’s a charger, they all look alike!

This is a standard cheap 18.5v 3.5a charger that fits HP and Compaq laptops. I haven’t got one in at the moment, but into the box of spares it goes.

Generic windscreen mount for satnav/phone

This is a windscreen mount plate, comes with something to clip it to air vents and a suction pad for the dashboard too. No adapter plates but these can be got cheap (I got one for £1 for my old TomTom from Maplins once). Forgot to photograph this one!

Anker 2-port turbo car charger

This will replace the cheap one I've been using, probably.
This will replace the cheap one I’ve been using, probably.

This is a little USB car charger. Will test and possibly keep as I’m currently using a really cheap crap one for my TomTom (to be fair, it could be the cigarette lighter in my car that’s buggered!)

Price paid for the lot: £7

Stock Updates: 25 Jan

I’ll be posting stock updates as follow-ups to machines I’ve previously posted about.

Samsung R510

Surprisingly, both 2GB sticks of RAM tested as good, and once reseated, work fine. The screen’s a little blotchy, which can sometimes happen if it got wet, and usually goes away after a few weeks, so this has gone in the new X58L, and the Satellite A200 has donated a screen to this. The 320GB hard drive that was in the Compaq CQ61 has gone in this, with a fresh install of Vista.

A new keyboard will be ordered (£11) as the old one is kaput. A dodgy left click was fixed by reseating the palmrest. All I’ll need is a battery (£15), charger (£9 for a genuine Samsung one) and an HDD caddy (£3). I am looking at some donor machines with the required parts, as this looks to be cheaper and I can salvage more parts from some (screen, hard drive or RAM, in some cases all three), better still, some of the plastics look to be in better condition on these donors too.

Acer Aspire 5338

An attempt at cleaning up the keyboard revealed it had been victim to a liquid spill at some point. The residue has been cleaned up, but sadly the screen has a bad patch of stuck pixels on the right hand side. A new screen would run me to about £30, but it would only make that much difference to what I could sell it for, so I intend to leave it as is.

I had looked into retro-fitting a webcam from a different 5338, but there’s no connector on this motherboard for one. I have a couple of donors on the watch list (to make it perfect I’d want to replace the screen, keyboard, palmrest and the base plastics), but if they fall through I’ll just put a keyboard in.

Other bits

A spare 19v 3.42a charger sold to one of my usual contacts this week for £5, what I paid for it, and said contact also purchased the battery from the Satellite A200 for £10. It’s been decided to scrap this machine, as it needs too many bits to be worthwhile doing and its parts could help other laptops (its screen is now in the R510, its RAM will possibly go in the X58L if I decide to tart it up a bit and its DVD drive faceplate is now on the X58L), so the plastics will probably be thrown at some point as they aren’t in the best condition. It’s also donated its keyboard, which it turns out does work, to my own personal Satellite Pro L300. The motherboard and GPU, as they work, might be kept for a little while.

The Kindle is up for sale at £40, no bites yet. The S4 Mini has been reserved by one of my developer friends for what I paid, £20 (usually for my developer friends I do them at cost or a small profit to cover petrol and the cost of a pint!), and due to the fact it’s blocked, I can’t list it on Gumtree, so it will probably go for the £20. The iPhone 5 is now winging its way to the Netherlands, apparently. A lot of companies seem to have repair centres here, I know that Corsair do, as I’ve previously RMA’d some RAM with them.

And I can’t give away the monitor that I got with the X58L… it’s still sat under my desk. I shall try it on Freecycle this weekend, and if it doesn’t go I’ll take it to the tip. Seems a shame, but if no-one wants it then what else am I supposed to do? Speaking of the X58L, the sale to a friend fell through, so I’m going to replace the palmrest (£4) and then once this is done and the key has arrived, sell on. Because of the condition I’m going to try for £40 and see where I go from there. It’ll be difficult to get more without buying a DVD drive or a faceplate (£10+, not worth it to me unless I can get one cheap). I’m tempted to have a play with the screen that’s in it at the moment, to see if I can reduce the spots inside it. There are videos on YouTube showing people dismantling the screen to do this.

Current Stock: Change your Latitude! + Bonus Asus!

The Dell in question, once finished!
The Dell in question, once finished!

One of my more recent purchases here, a Dell Latitude D630. Advertised with a crap description on a local Facebook for sale page, I asked for more information and struck a deal to buy it for £20, without hard drive, as this had failed. The service tag told me it should have 1GB of RAM, a 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo and would have come with an 80GB hard drive and a DVD-rewriter. Once collected, it became apparent it was not as it left the Dell factory. No hard drive or caddy, and only a DVD-ROM drive was fitted, and the charger was not an original Dell but a cheap Chinese one instead. Furthermore the marks I thought would clean up off the lid did not do so. However, on the positive side, a genuine Windows 7 Home Premium COA on the base, 3GB of RAM instead of 1, and someone had added a Dell Bluetooth card too.

After some Memtesting of spare sticks, the 2GB stick was swapped for a 1GB stick, taking it down to 2GB RAM. One issue arised, as I didn’t have an appropriate sized drive to put in it. I had a 40GB (from a ThinkPad X60, which will be written about soon!), too small, and a 640GB a friend acquired for me, too big. I eventually decided to stick the 40GB into it, and clone the installation if a more appropriate drive came along (hint: if it didn’t sell, get a bigger drive!). Fresh install of Windows 7 later, fit a new caddy, it’s ready to go. Price wise, I listed this at £60, although the crap hard drive size is a limiting factor. Total spend is £20 + £2 for the caddy.

This was purchased on Saturday, today it sold for the asking price, £60. £22 spend equals a £38 profit. And at that, I pinched the 2GB stick, which I can use in another machine. Tidy!

And as an added bonus, I bought this last night!

Asus X58L

The Asus, after a factory reset and a screen swap with the Samsung
The Asus, after a factory reset and a screen swap with the Samsung

This was something I originally spotted on a for sale page on Facebook, at £30 with a cracked screen, but with a free monitor. I made a stupidly low offer of £15, which was rejected. Fast forward a couple of weeks to last night, it’s suddenly up at £15 ono. I offer £10, seller wants £15, I say I’ll add £2 in 20p coins (the contents of the change bit of my wallet at the time), and we have a deal. I didn’t expect the monitor, but managed to get it included. It’s nothing special, a bulky 17″ AOC 4:3 flat screen. I could sell it for around £5 to £10, which I might do, but due to space reasons it’s looking likely that this will go on Freecycle.

The monitor I received with the Asus. Wow, such modern flat screen technology!
The monitor I received with the Asus. Wow, such modern flat screen technology!

The laptop wasn’t in fantastic condition. I found a missing DVD drive faceplate, a missing Windows key, and what looked like superglue on the palmrest. The specs were pretty low, a Celeron M 575, 1GB RAM and a 120GB hard drive. Last night, I swapped in a screen (a blotchy one sourced from the R510, which then took the screen from the now-scrapped Satellite A200), and attempted to upgrade it to a Core 2 Duo, but sadly neither the T5750 from the A200 or a spare T7200 I had lying around would work. Amusing sidenote, sometimes systems I buy have amusing names… the workgroup name on this machine referred to the previous owner and two of her assets.

A new key is on order, I have taken the faceplate from the DVD drive that was in the A200, although it’s not an exact fit, it will work well enough. A palmrest might be ordered, as these are around £4 on eBay, but due to the blotchy screen I might not bother. (EDIT: While finishing off this article, I noticed someone had carved “Shit” into the palmrest. I suspect this may now be replaced). I’ve had to give it a charger that cost me £4 originally, as the one that came with it was the wrong voltage!

The plan with this one is to sell it for around £30 to £40 once the new key arrives. The laptop works, and the battery does too, so not too unachievable. While waiting for the key I shall restore it back to Vista using the recovery partition, run some updates and remove some of the crap from the install like the Norton trial. A friend of mine has expressed an interest in this at £30, so hopefully this will sell this weekend.
Price Paid: £12

Current Stock: A Tale of iThingies

One of my better bargains was purchased this week. Doing my usual scroll through local Facebook for sale pages, I spotted a potential gem: an iPhone 5. The main fault was the lock button not working, the listing picture wasn’t great, and it looked to be in a scuffed case, but it was £60 with charger and headphones, so well worth a punt, thought I.

A 10 mile drive out of the city into a nearby village later, and to my surprise the phone was in good condition, and boxed with everything bar the SIM pin, and a brand new case to go with it. Furthermore, it had been kept in this scuffed case (some Gear4 job with a cover for the screen) from what looked like new, with only slight marring on the bevelled edges of the metal band, and an immaculate screen. The only downside was the fault and that the phone was locked to EE. Unsurprisingly my attempts at haggling were refused, but I’d already hit a relative goldmine here.

For those that have been living under a rock for the past few years, this is an iPhone.
For those that have been living under a rock for the past few years, this is an iPhone.


Upon getting it home, I set about looking at how to change the lock button. I’d already had a brief look online to see the cost of parts, and I could have got a new button assembly for around £3 on the bay of E. But wait, what’s this? Apple are doing free repairs for this fault on certain iPhone 5 handsets (link here)? And this handset I have here happens to qualify? Ker, and indeed, ching! Apple have sent me a box to send mine in for the repair, and I should receive it back within roughly two weeks repaired. UPS are collecting this today.

Less impressive is EE. Despite me owning numerous SIMs (phone testing purposes, not burner phones), I had never had a device before that accepts nano SIMs, and therefore did not possess one. Off to the local EE store. “Oh, you’ll need to buy at least a £5 top-up with that SIM, sir”… Great, £5 credit I’ll never use, just what I always wanted! If sold privately I’ll probably leave it with the phone, an extra selling point maybe. I might just keep it in case I buy more nano-SIM equipped wonders. Who knows?

So where do we go from here? In good condition (and this is mint!) I can get £110 for trading it in, or £150ish on Ebay. I think I’ll aim for somewhere in between. I’ll probably stick it back on the for sale sites and on Gumtree to save buggering about with postage.

Next up we have probably one of the quickest turnarounds I’ve done. A friend contacted me about the cost of fixing his friend’s iPhone 4, with a cracked front glass. Said friend of friend then decided they no longer needed their iPhone 4, so I then agreed to buy it. Arranged to collect the phone at 11am on Saturday morning, and paid £25.

By 2pm on Saturday afternoon, I dropped it off with one of my usual contacts for £35, and at that I kept the genuine Apple charger. Not bad for basically no work whatsoever. No pictures were taken in the three hours it happened to be in my possession as I had better things to do, such as RAM testing on a laptop I’d also picked up (more on this in a future post!) and food, so imagine a black iPhone 4 with cracked front glass.

Finally, iPod nanos. This one was a mistake to buy. 6th generation nano, in silver, 8GB. Picked up on a car boot a while ago for £5. Cracked screen. No problem, replacement for £10 off eBay… Oh wait, the backlight doesn’t work now. Get replacement from seller… Nope, backlight still not working. Alright, try the existing screen… no, backlight not working on that any more. Shit. Currently up for £10 and hoping I get rid as soon as possible, but this will be a definite loss!

Tales from the Car Boot: Wednesday Emptied My Wallet

For the first time in ages today, I managed to make it to my Wednesday boot. It’s usually not too busy, but today was dead, with only three rows of stalls. It was so dead, in fact, that the organisers had decided not to bother charging! Extra bonus. So here’s the list of today’s purchases:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Why oh why did I think this was a good idea?
Why oh why did I think this was a good idea?

This was a mistake. Although fully working, it was rough, and the glass was cracked. I foolishly trusted the guy and believed that it was unlocked and working. Upon arriving home and dropping a SIM card in, my worst fears are confirmed, it’s blocked. And my usual contacts for buying blocked phones (Android developers looking for cheap dev devices) aren’t interested. Well, shit. Attempting to sell for what I paid to cut my losses. On the bright side, I will be taking out the 4GB microSDHC card left in it.
Price Paid: £20

Next, we have lots of items that are all part of one lot.

Compaq Presario CQ61-223sa

Ignore my ugly mug in the reflection!
Ignore my ugly mug in the reflection!

This was one of the better condition machines from this lot. Needed a new keyboard, and ideally a palmrest due to an iffy left-click. Fan was noisy but they sometimes are on these. Complete with HDD and a genuine HP charger. Sold this afternoon to my usual contact for £30, sans the 320GB HDD. Not bad. As an aside, while writing this my contact sent me a picture of the gunk in the fan. No wonder it was loud!

Acer Aspire 5338

Aspire... to something better, maybe?
Aspire… to something better, maybe?

This, I originally thought would be broken, but surprisingly it works well. Same processor as the CQ61, a Celeron T3000, 4GB RAM and a 250GB hard drive. No webcam, which is a shame. This needs a new base due to a cracked back vent, and a new keyboard as this one writes garbled crap. Came with a dodgy 7 install, restoring it back to its original Vista. Had a charger in stock from a lot I bought ages ago, paid roughly £5 for that. Plan is to restore to Vista, remove some of the bloatware, update, replace the keyboard and vent, and sell on, hopefully for around the £100 mark.

Samsung R510

Clever laptop knows it's a Samsung, bless...
Clever laptop knows it’s a Samsung, bless…

This was bought as a screen donor, but it works! Some of the 4GB of RAM inside it is faulty, currently memtesting to find out how much, but the 320GB from the CQ61 will go in this as it didn’t come with a HDD. Again, keyboard needs replacing, and it’ll need a charger and battery as neither were included. I’ll also be sourcing a HDD caddy. Rough cost for the lot is £30. Will be fixed up once the Acer is gone, probably.

Toshiba Satellite A200-1BW

This is currently in bits in a Morrisons bag.
This is currently in bits in a Morrisons bag.

This again was bought as a screen donor, as I assumed the board would be dead due to it having Nvidia graphics. But no, the board works off an external monitor! Brief flash when turned on from the LCD, and the LCD works fine in the Samsung, so I’m thinking inverter here. Also needs a bottom casing due to missing screw threads and damage, a hard drive and caddy, a keyboard as some keys don’t seem to be working, and a new set of hinges as the old ones broke on removal. Probably won’t be repaired and will be used as a donor, but I’ll hang onto it for a couple of weeks and see if a donor machine comes up at the right money on eBay.

TomTom Go 750 Live

I call him Tom squared.
I call him Tom squared.

This might be a 740, there’s no proper model number on it! I don’t have anything other than the unit, the 8GB microSDHC card in it and a TomTom branded carry case, and windscreen mounts for these are at least £50! Looking out for a spares/repairs one so that I can pinch the mount, but in the meantime I might order a USB dock for it, so I can at least test it. For some stupid reason that even I can’t fathom, these don’t use a direct USB connection, but a proprietary connector. Will try and get this tested, as my current old bodged v1 One is dying.

Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G

Reading, with 3G!
Reading, with 3G!

This was a surprise, came in a nice smart blue case, and when home, found that not only was it working, but it was 3G too! This will be punted on straight away and after writing this post will be listed at around the £40 mark.

Panasonic SDR-H80 camcorder

Smile... you're on camera...
Smile… you’re on camera…

Bought with the rest based on condition and being marked as having a HDD, 60GB in fact. Once the Acer or Samsung are gone, I will acquire a charger and see if it works, then sell on. These still seem to be fetching around £50, so this could be a nice little earner.

Oh, the total cost for all these? £37.50! Considering I’ve already sold the CQ61 for £30, I think I made a good buy!

More on Sunday once I’ve done the weekend’s boots.