Month: February 2015

Current Stock: As quick as they’re in, they’re out!

Apologies for the quick and not very good post, but I’ve been a bit hectic lately. Two purchases from this week’s Sunday morning boot. Didn’t even get chance to photograph them!

Advent Roma 2000

This worked! OK, the bezel’s a little cracked, and the battery’s flat, but it works fine and is complete with its original 320GB hard drive and 3GB RAM, alongside a rather poor Celeron 900. Restored it back to its factory Windows 7.
Price Paid: £15

Dell Latitude D630

Yes, another one! This one came with 2GB RAM, no hard drive, a mobile broadband card and a Core 2 Duo of some sort. Good condition, doesn’t work. Turns on, no fans, turns off a few seconds later.
Price Paid: £8

Sold both this afternoon for £35. Total profit of £12. Not too bad. There should be some more and better posts in the next few days.


Results from today’s car boot stall

I’ve just finished unloading the car and counting the cash, and this is what we’ve sold:

  • Vaio S48GP – £30, £10 profit
  • Vaio NR38S – £15, £7 profit
  • HP dv6710ea, nx9105, zd7143ea, Advent 9212 and Dell 6000 – £30, £2 loss overall
  • Samsung R510 – £29.20, £28.20 profit (Total on the lot this was part of so far stands at £78.70 profit with the Kindle still to sell)
  • MSI U135 – £20, £1.30 profit
  • Comtrend powerline adapters – £5, £3 profit
  • Logitech webcam – £1, £1 profit
  • Kids keyboard and mouse set – £3, £3 profit
  • iPod nano – £3, £12 loss (was broken anyway!)
  • Fujitsu V2055 – £25, £20 profit
  • TomTom One V1 – £8, £1 profit (but I have had 18 months of use out of it!

Overall total made today is £169.20. The overall profit, minus the £7 standing fee is £53.50. I won’t count the cost of the tables or tarpaulin as I can use these again.

So, what’s left? The Toshiba A120, the Packard Bell EasyNote, the Dell 6400, the BenQ projector, and the 1TB HDD. From here, the 6400 will probably get a new motherboard (although I will try a new screen as I have spares in), the EasyNote will be listed as is, and the A120 I will keep looking for a cheap donor for. The projector, I will list but might keep, and the 1TB HDD I have been offered £20 for, so this will likely go there. Overall I’m quite happy!

Tales from the Car Boot: Her Name is Vaio + Updates!

First things first, updates. The camcorder sold for £10 on Wednesday. £10 of pure profit, as the money has already been made on that lot! The AirPort Express went yesterday morning for £30, a massive £27 profit! I could have got slightly more by taking it to CEX, but that involved effort. The lid for the EasyNote arrived yesterday, and I discovered there’s a snapped hinge too. Great! Ordered a set of hinges for £4.90, arrived and fitted today. Bezel not a perfect fit due to missing clips but it’ll be fine. Scored a screen that fits the MSI U135 for £10.70 which also arrived and was fitted today. Sadly I can’t get the case to fit together much better than what it already is, and I haven’t had chance to glue the hinge clip on

The Fujitsu V2055, MSI U135, Samsung R510, Toshiba A120, EasyNote, and the 6400 have been prepped ready for sale, and the other machines have had the parts that I can use removed (with the exception of some DDR RAM and the RAM and hard drive from the Vaio NR38S, as I reckon I’ll get enough extra by leaving them in!). This is all in preparation for standing on Saturday. I’ve picked up some tarpaulin (£2, B&Q) and two folding tables (on offer at £8 each, Argos), and roped in a friend to help me out.

Finally, on Thursday I received a certified repaired 1TB Seagate HDD from returning the one found in the mystery parcel! This will be taken with me tomorrow, but I have had an offer of £20 for it as it stands, so I’m going to try for more. Also being taken to the boot is the Kindle, Comtrend powerline adapters, the BenQ projector (from the first post I ever made!), the 6G iPod nano, a few spares and cables I don’t want, two cushions, and a horrible vase. There’s not usually a signal at this boot, but if there is I assure you I will livetweet, so keep an eye out on @SorryNoRefunds just in case.

So, onto Wednesday’s purchase! Also purchased but not seen were 2 laptop chargers for £3. They don’t fit the laptops I intended to put them with. I also got a Guinness bar runner for £1, but that’s going to a friend.

Sony Vaio VGN-S48GP

If it was newer I'd keep it!
If it was newer I’d keep it!

This appears to be an Asia/Australia only model, as parts are hard to come by and those are the countries listed in the help section! 2GHz Pentium M, 1GB RAM, 60GB hard drive, a battery that holds charge, and it’s a rather smart 13.3″ laptop too! Has a DVD drive and Bluetooth as well. Missing the F7 key, which I’ve tried to get hold of but can’t. The key itself works and the rubber nipple (oo-er!) is still there, so I’m not too worried. Came with an original Sony charger and a Vaio-branded carry case. Has been prepped for sale (restored to factory XP, fully updated, installed Chrome and AVG)
Price Paid: £20

Hopefully I’ll get a signal tomorrow so keep an eye on the Twitter! Failing that there’ll be a full update on here tomorrow night.

Tales from the Car Boot: Snow White and the Seven Laptops

A large lot of laptops from my home boots this week!


Pretty in pink (allegedly)
Pretty in pink (allegedly)

In a rather fetching pink, this needs a little bit of work. As you can see, the screen needs replacing, and there are some missing keys but otherwise, this works. It’s a little tatty, one of the hinge covers needs sticking in place, and the casing doesn’t clip together too well, but with the parts replaced it should be pretty serviceable. It comes equipped with a 250GB hard drive, 1GB of built-in RAM (which if I have a spare stick, may be upped to 2), and an Atom N455. Fixed up and perfect, £70 isn’t uncommon. This needs 7 replacement keys (£1.70 a pop, £12 total, but a new board is £20), a screen (about £20) and a charger (about £10).

Dell Inspiron 6000

I cleaned off my bloodstains!
I cleaned off my bloodstains!

This little sod drew blood! The lid needs replacing, as the screw threads have gone on one side so the hinge isn’t attached any more. In an attempt to get the bezel off I caught my finger on the screen frame! Missing it’s DVD drive (I have a spare in stock!) and a little damaged overall, it’s tatty but with a new lid, it would be OK. Doesn’t boot. Turns on for a few seconds, no fans, then turns off. Specs indicate it’s a single core, 256MB RAM (thankfully DDR2 so will be upped!) and a 40GB IDE drive. Drive and RAM were present and will be kept regardless, some plastics will possibly be kept, the screen will, and the rest thrown if I don’t sell as is.

Dell Inspiron 6400

This one’s a bit better. I’m a clot, and forgot to take a picture, however it looks almost identical to the 6000, so scroll up a bit. Complete with 2GB RAM, a 100GB SATA drive, and a dual-core, this one is in overall better condition. Powers up, as long as the screen’s not connected. Other than that it works fine. I tried the 6000 screen, but no joy. It’ll want a motherboard (£25), a palmrest (£14 but to be fair, the one on it isn’t that bad, so might keep it) and a charger (£8).

HP Pavilion zd7143ea

This lump nearly broke the desk!
This lump nearly broke the desk!

Old and chunky. 512MB RAM, a desktop Pentium 4, and missing its hard drive, this old thing has loose hinges and is a bit rough but overall not bad condition. No sign of life. Will be sold on as is.

HP Compaq nx9105

Less lumpy, equally as useless.
Less lumpy, equally as useless.

Missing hard drive, caddy and connector, otherwise good condition. 512MB RAM, an Athlon XP, and Nvidia graphics. Flashes its HDD light 3 times, no other lights, fans spin, and that’s it. Again, will be sold on as is. A screen donor if nothing else.

Packard Bell EasyNote R1004 (MIT-RHEA-C)

From here it looks OK...
From here it looks OK…

Working, with a 1.4GHz Celeron M, 512MB RAM and a 40GB hard drive. Already half set-up, so less work to do. Needs a new lid due to the fantastic bodge by a previous owner! Will continue the previous owner’s set up work (they’ve restored to factory and updated to XP SP3, that’s half my work done, replace the lid (ordered one today at a cost of £4.50), and get it gone. Need to get a charger for this, uses the same as the Fujitsu V2055 I think, so I’ll try and get a couple of these. I have had a brief issue with an occasional line on the screen, so as I have spares I’ll probably pop another one in.

... Now that's what I call a bodge!
… Now that’s what I call a bodge!

Sony Vaio VGN-NR32S

It's not that easy, being green....
It’s not that easy, being green….

Sold as ‘Working but colours gone funny’. Nvidia graphics. Oh dear. 250GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM and a good screen make up for it though. Keyboard’s missing one key but not the biggest issue this has! Other than the GPU issue it powers on and works fine. Will be sold on as-is, probably minus HDD.

Price paid for the lot: £55

To summarise, plans are to:

  • Do up the MSI, the Easynote and the 6400.
  • Sell on the Vaio, the two HPs and the 6000 as-is. If they don’t sell, it’s likely that they’ll all be stripped for spares, as there are three good 15.4″ screens, some RAM and the Vaio’s 250GB hard drive that can be used, amongst other manufacturer-specific bits.

And now, for some other things.

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Li 1718

10 minutes later this was in more pieces than you see it in now.
10 minutes later this was in more pieces than you see it in now.

Scrap. Had the 2GB RAM and wireless card out of it, the screen had severe scratching, and the board didn’t POST with known good RAM. So, it got attacked with a pickaxe. Still, for what I paid, worth it.
Price Paid: £2

Comtrend 9020 Powerline adapters

And here we see the two adapters in a mating ritual...
And here we see the two adapters in a mating ritual…

These are nice little units, I’ve already got some BT ones but as these are passthrough, if they work I might keep them. They’re not too bad though. Sellable on easily enough
Price Paid: £2

That’s it for related things! I picked up some bar things (ice buckets, jugs, glasses) and a Coca Cola ashtray as well as a Kindle case for £2.

I’ll go to Wednesday’s boot and see if there’s any parts for the machines I have in. I’ve decided that I’m going to stand the Saturday boot, with all of the laptops I have in, some spare parts and some other things that I have in, such as the camcorder, Kindle, and a few other bits and bobs. If I get a signal, expect livetweeting!

Tales from the Car Boot: Black Belt in Fujitsu

First things first, Sorry, No Refunds! is now on Twitter! Follow us @sorrynorefunds for blog updates, random insights, rantings, sneak peaks and all sorts of other random crap! Now onto today’s finds! Picked up one or two interesting bits today. Mainly things I needed, such as a charger for the Toshiba A120 (£2.50) and one for the Samsung R510 (£1).

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V2055

Doesn't scrub up too bad apart from the screen!
Doesn’t scrub up too bad apart from the screen!

I had a choice of two machines here. One with a cracked LCD, but looked complete, or one that I could see needed a battery, RAM and hard drive, as well as plastics, but with a good screen. I went for the cracked LCD on the basis that that might have been the only thing wrong with it. And I was right! Works fine. 60GB hard drive, 1.6GHz Celeron M, wireless, and came with 512MB RAM. Plans are to pick up a new top half (it’s as easy and as cheap as getting a screen and the lid plastics aren’t fantastic), a charger (I thought I had one in, our survey says, nope!) and sell on straight away. I’ve put another 512MB stick in to bring it up to 1GB, and have started reinstalling XP on it.
Price Paid: £5

Mini-VGA to VGA adapter

No picture as I’ve misplaced it now that I’m writing the post about it! I’d be lying if I said I needed this, I thought it was mini-DVI. Still, might come in useful if I get an iBook or something in. Might stick it on eBay instead though!
Price Paid: 50p

Samsung Galaxy Ace II

Excuse the crap photo, it wasn't here long enough to get a proper one taken!
Excuse the crap photo, it wasn’t here long enough to get a proper one taken!

Got this on Sunday, but because it’s all I bought, decided to wait until today to upload! Bought with the intention of replacing the screen. It works, but is missing its back cover, is very rough and as you can quite clearly see, has a cracked glass. When I got home, I popped open the SD card slot and took the 8GB microSDHC card that was in it! Sold it to my usual developer contact who uses these devices as test phones for his apps.
Price Paid: £2
Price sold for: Technically, £3.50, as that’s the price of the bottle of Brothers he bought me in the pub after giving him the phone! Technically, a profit of £1.50.


Tales from the Car Boot: Encryption Shmencryption!

Sorry about the lack of updates, but nothing really interesting has gone on lately. I did pick up a phone on Sunday, which I shall write about tomorrow alongside anything I get from my Wednesday boot. I shall be doing Saturday this week too, and in an extra plot twist, I go home on Saturday evening and will be attending my three Sunday boots, so there should be some more updates this weekend! For now, here’s a story from my past. Apologies for the lack of pictures, for some reason I can’t find the picture of this one!

A few months back, I was doing the rounds at my regular Saturday boot in my uni town, as I normally do, and stumbled across, you’ve guessed it, a laptop. Initial impressions were, HP business range (a rather smart looking 6710b), Vista era, Core 2 Duo, with charger, looks alright, probably can harvest the RAM, hard drive and screen amongst other things. I ask the price, £20. At that sort of price, you automatically ask what’s wrong with it, and I was told that their child had managed to put a password on it and they couldn’t get round this. Fearing the worst and that this was a BIOS password that couldn’t be gotten around (being a business model I assumed security would be quite high on these), I managed to haggle the guy down to £15.

Upon getting it home, a quick clean up showed that it was in pretty decent condition for the age. On powering it on I was greeted with a strange password screen after the BIOS. Good news! This was drive encryption software, easily sorted by wiping the hard drive and reinstalling Windows, which I then did. As it was running Vista, I stuck in an extra 1GB of RAM that I’d managed to get in a Freecycle lot a couple of months previously, bringing it up to 2. By Tuesday I had it listed on Gumtree for £90, and on Wednesday a guy came to view it and gave me £100! Not a bad day’s work at all, £85 profit for reinstalling Windows, I’m happy with that!

Tales from the Car Boot: Come Fly With Me! + TomTom Lives!

First things first, updates. The dock for the TomTom has arrived, and it only works fine! Maps are due an update, but this isn’t too tricky to sort. This will definitely be kept, it’s so much quicker and louder than Google Maps on my phone, and I like that it doesn’t rely on having a phone signal. Not buying a windscreen mount, as I’ve found a flat place to mount it in the car with the desktop dock, and the rubberised base ensures it stays in place. Annoyingly, I can’t use my car stereo’s USB port to charge it, as it thinks it’s a computer and keeps trying to turn it off for power-saving reasons, but I’m simply going to reuse my old USB 12v adapter from my old TomTom One, which if I can find someone who wants an old, out of date, chunky, slow and modified sat-nav (soldered a wire internally so it can charge off miniUSB. Great, except it thinks it’s a computer, so you have to charge it a bit, then unplug, turn it on, and once it’s booted, plug it back in!), I will consider selling. I’ll claim my 1GB SD card out of it first though, and put the original 256MB card back in.

So, with that done, here’s a few bits picked up from the car boot on Wednesday. I might be at the one on Sunday, not sure yet, I know I’m working Saturday.

Apple AirPort Express (A1392)

Typical sleek Apple looks, once I cleaned it up!
Typical sleek Apple looks, once I cleaned it up!

This I was very impressed with. This was bought from the same person who sold me the 4 laptops, the camcorder, the sat nav and the Kindle a couple of weeks ago. Was a bit mucky, but has cleaned up well. Seems to be working fine, once I remembered to install AirPort Utility on my machine! I’ll probably take it to CEX, who at the time of writing will pay £31, or I might sell it elsewhere, as they seem to fetch around £50 on eBay.
Price Paid: £3

Advent Roma 2000

Mistake number 1.
Mistake number 1, and YES, that is a 2L bottle of pop holding the screen up for the photo!

This didn’t go so well. Seller informed me it was complete… Our survey says? WRONG! No HDD and only 1GB of the 3GB of RAM it’s supposed to have (and that was hidden under the keyboard, probably why it was still there!). Also doesn’t boot, and as you can see, needs new hinges, a new bezel, and a new screen. Powers on for 10 seconds, then reboots. No luck getting the board going, so this has been scrapped. Kept the keyboard, the battery (which I think works), the 1GB stick of RAM, wifi card and DVD drive, the rest’s been thrown.
Price Paid: £10

Asus F5SL

Mistake number 2!
Mistake number 2!

Same seller, same lies! No HDD, no RAM. Powers on and stays on, but fan doesn’t spin and no video output. Screen looks to be OK, so not as bad as the Advent, and I can source a working motherboard relatively cheaply, but it does need a palmrest, base plastics, a key (possibly a keyboard) and a DVD drive (or a faceplate at least), and obviously I’d need to source a charger, add RAM (not a problem) and a HDD (more annoying but doable). Board was dead, so ultimately, I’ve scrapped it, keeping the keyboard, wifi card, the entire top half (screen still untested so far!) and the battery.
Price Paid: £7

If we’re lucky, the AirPort Express will cover the cost of the other two! Now, someone remind me not to buy off that man again!