Month: March 2015

Tales from the Car Boot: Adventures Down South

This week’s been a busy one, so here’s a post on some of my previous escapades! Sorry for the lack of pictures, and there’ll be an update on some towers I’ve bought soon!

One weekend last summer, it was decided that the family would go on a trip away to my uncle’s, which can only be described as being ‘in the south’. Being a sad, and mildly addicted to booting, I went online and had a look to see if there were any decent boots going off near his place, and come Sunday morning I was off on a short journey to a nearby boot.

I’d been warned that they may not be as good as the more Northern boots I was used to, but that didn’t put me off. First row, what do I spot in that box, why it appears to be a widescreen Dell monitor. Sorry, did you say £5? Sold! A few rows later, I spot some landline phones, decent BT ones with an answer machine. £3? Sold! Further down that row, Superdry-style record bag, £1.50? Aye, go on. Last stand before I walk back to the car, is that a wall mountable LED sign, as you’d see in a shop window, with the words Rock N Roll on it? That’ll earn me brownie points with the 50’s obsessed parents. £3.50? Sold!

As for making money, the monitor, which later I discovered was a Dell E2020, a fairly basic VGA-only 1600×900 monitor, went for £35 back home. The sign was given to my parents, as apparently, I have to be nice to them sometimes. The bag has been kept, and the phones, a twin set of BT Studio Plus 5400s, are currently in use at my uni house, and should sell for about £10-15 if I don’t need them in next year’s house


Results from today’s boot and why people should listen!

Well today was a bit dramatic, but first let’s get the figures out of the way. Today’s sales were:

  • The Vaio CR29 sold for £5. The lot of four it came in cost £15, but we still have the 2 Acer 5100s and the better condition D510 from that lot, the latter of which will soon be listed for sale for around £30.
  • The MSI U130 sold for £20. The pair this came in cost £15, so this is a £5 profit with the Dell 910 still left over (which may be faulty but has £20 of SSD in it in case I can’t get it working!)
  • And finally, here’s where the drama came in! The Samsung RV510 sold for £50 to someone who did not understand the words “not working” (I mean, surely the Acer 9300 in worse condition being sold for £20 more than he paid was a giveaway, but I digress). The gent in question returned an hour later and started shouting when I refused a refund on the grounds that it was sold as seen and I saw scratches on the HDD screws (I did not have a screwdriver to hand, but it did not feel like a hard drive was present when pressing on the HDD cover).
    After he caused enough of a scene, and was told he was definitely not getting his money back, the chap in question was not pleased and tried to threaten me. By this point a crowd had gathered, most of which had heard me honestly describe the laptop at the point of sale. He went off in a huff, and I left, having loaded the car while this chap ranted at me. This was quite late in the day and I was thinking about packing up at the time anyway, so no real loss, but still, learn to listen in future!

So from here, I still have a lot of systems that need shifting! And an issue with the A120 I sold means that’s coming back soon, will probably swap it for another machine I have in stock.

Current Stock: Swap Shop and Home Boots!

First, updates. The Fujitsu LH531 left us for £25 on Sunday, and on Tuesday the Toshiba C660 sold for £120. Counting costs of the parts for the Toshiba (£15 hard drive, £3 caddy, £5 charger) and Fujitsu (£21 on 2 DC jacks, £3 on charger), and the original £51 purchase price of the lot of 7, we have a total spend of £98 and total made of £145. That means a profit of £47, with the 1525, three Fujitsus and the Acer 9300 left over!

And last Friday night, the Toshiba A120 left us, with no money changing hands. But what I got in return was better!

Samsung RV510


First off, it’s dead. Absolutely no sign of life. Will potentially be worth sourcing a motherboard for, as it’s in mint condition! Came with 2 chargers, one Samsung one generic, and was complete with its 640GB hard drive, 4GB of RAM and good 15.6″ screen. If I can get a board, I will. If I can’t, I’ll have the hard drive, RAM and at least one of the chargers (probably the genuine one!) and sell as spares. Obviously, it was a swap, so no price paid, but the Toshiba owed me £25, so let’s take that as the price paid!

Last weekend, as it was Mother’s Day, I thought I ought to go home, and as I’d missed out on Saturday’s boots due to work, I decided to go all out this morning and try a new boot! I did my usual two, then the new boot, then the indoor boot where I know a seller.

The first boot gave us these two:

MSI U130


4 keys missing as you can see, and it’s also missing its hinge covers, and there’s also a gouged lid. Hinge looked like it had gone when I first saw it, but I tightened the screws up and its fine now! Works, has its original recovery partition, so it’s been restored to factory. Will try and move it on without sourcing charger, keys and covers first. It’s an Atom N450, 1GB RAM, and a 160GB hard drive, and also has Bluetooth.

Dell Inspiron Mini 910 (no picture, by the time I remembered it was in bits!)

Boots to a white screen, which is also flickering. Screen cable is slightly damaged at the LCD end which may explain it, but if I fiddle with the connector at the board end, it shows the display briefly, so at 99p for a screen cable I’ll give it a go and see if I can fix it. If it wants a screen or motherboard instead, it will be parted out.

Works fine on an external monitor, but the battery’s dead. Bit of a flaw on a netbook, that! This is missing one key, and the lid is also badly gouged. I damaged the palmrest when the bag it was in split between my car and the house, and a new one is about £3, which if I get the screen going, I will replace.  Specs wise, it’s got an Atom N270, 1GB RAM, and has a 16GB SSD (worth £20 on eBay if I decide to part it out!), as well as built in Bluetooth and 3G!

Price Paid: £15 for the pair

Also acquired at the first boot was a 19v 3.42a charger for £3, which fits the Acer Extensa 5220 and the Emachines D620 quite nicely, so the D620 is now listed for sale at £60! The second boot gave us nothing, but the new boot gave us some hard drives! Specifically, two 2.5″ SATA drives, a 120GB and 320GB, for £5 each! Both drives work, and will be put to use almost immediately. The 320GB is being held onto, and the 120GB is going in the worse condition V5535, with the two 250GB drives spare going in the D9510 and the better V5535.

The final boot, and my usual seller came up trumps as usual, so these machines were picked up. Bit gutted about the phone, but it was bought untested, and when you consider that the items were marked up at £20, £10 and £3 respectively, and £20 was paid, it’s not too bad!

Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pi 2515


This was sold as needing a charger. It also needs a lid, as this one is cracked and on its way out. Other than that it does work though, and runs a 1.5GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM and a 160GB hard drive. Lids are about £10 for a new part, and I’ll have to transfer the FSC logo onto the new lid, and chargers are about £6 (although seeing as I need the same charger for the V5535s, I’ll try and source a lot of these).

EiSystem 3086

This is prior to the screen being replaced.
This is prior to the screen being replaced.

Underneath, this is identical to the Advent 8109 I already have in, and was bought as a donor for it. However, this works fine and is in better condition other than the cracked LCD, which can be swapped with the good screen currently residing in one of the Acer 5100s. The keyboard is faulty, but I found a spare in my stash, albeit missing keys. I’ve managed to get all the keys I need across the other 2 keyboards from the faulty one.

When swapping the CMOS battery from the 8109 over, I accidentally damaged the connector, so I’ve replaced the board in this with the 8109’s board and swapped over good parts, so instead of one mediocre condition system and one in alright condition, we have one in excellent condition, and one that will be scrapped due to needing too many parts to be viable.

This has the added bonus of me being able to be lazy and utilise the recovery partition on the 3086’s hard drive, as well as reuse the 1GB RAM and 60GB hard drive from the 8109 elsewhere (at the moment, in the Advent 7211 which had its 80GB drive stolen for the Emachines D620). The 3086 will retain its 512MB RAM.

Nokia 6111


Bought as my uncle needed a phone. White screen when turned on. Further inspection reveals that other than the screen, it works and can receive and make calls. Nothing I can really do with it, so it’s been binned. Shame really, as it would have been an alright phone.

Price Paid: £20

I’m standing at my usual Saturday boot today, and am at home on Sunday but due to time constraints, I can only visit two of my usual boots on the Sunday morning. However, there is a small one on the way to uni from home, it’s free entry and not very good usually, but as I have to drive within 300 yards of the entrance, it’s worth a quick stop on the off-chance something good is there!

The plan is to have three ‘groups’ of machines. We’ll have the good machines that mostly have chargers and all bar one works which will have high individual prices (so the four Fujitsus (D9510 – £80, V5535s – £60 and £50 respectively, Pi2515 – £50), the good D510 – £25 – 30, the Emachines D620 – £50, the RV510 – £50 as although it’s dead it is complete with HDD, RAM, charger and is in good condition, the Acer 9300 – £70, the MSI U130 – £30 and the two desktops (£50 and £30), and seeing as its bezel arrived when I was writing this post, the Advent 7211 will be taken for around £30 to £40 too!), then we’ll have a group of cheap machines at around £15 each that mostly work and have had fresh installs of XP (so the Esystem 3086, Emachines M5118, the other D510, the Toshiba A60, and the Packard Bell R1004 that I still have – the Inspiron 6000 has donated its screen to a friend, its keyboard and wireless card to the other D510 so won’t be included in this).

Finally there’ll be the not so good systems( so the two Acer 5100s – £10 each, the Acer 7520 – £15, HP 6510b – £10, the two Sony Vaios – £20 and £5, the Inspiron 6400 – £15 but if I take it the hard drive is being removed (I might take the 6000 for £5 – hard drive if I can be bothered!), maybe the Inspiron 1525 for £15, the D430 – £10 and anything else I have around) which will be spares machines. Also being taken along is a 1TB HDD, some adapters and a couple of horrid cushions!

Being left behind is potentially the 6400 and 6000, as I could get donors for these but I’m not sure I’ll bother (particularly in the case of the 6000), the Mini 910 (as I want to either get this going or part it out), and the Extensa 5220, as this needs a new bottom case as the mount for the DC jack has broken. I’ll also order a new palmrest for this. I might leave behind the 1525 and the RV510, but this I’m not sure of yet.

Any machines that don’t sell will have any small parts they want doing done and be done up for proper sale (for instance, the keys on the U130 or the 9300’s damaged palmrest).

Should be an update tonight with the takings from today’s boot, so wish me luck!

Stock Updates: 12 March

So let’s briefly go through what’s been happening with my current stock. One other brief update, picked up a freebie TiVo box with a 1TB HD the other day. Hopefully more updates on Sunday as although I can’t make Saturday this week due to work, I am going home for Saturday night so can attend three boots on Sunday morning!

Lot of chargers – This arrived. Some useful ones including 2 Dell chargers that I can use for the Dells I have in, and two Toshiba chargers. 30 useful chargers (binned 12 crap ones) for £17 all in!

Fujitsu LH531 – New DC jack hasn’t done the trick, no sign of life. Have taken the RAM and wireless card out of this and built it back up. Will sell it with a charger I acquired for £2 on the boots.

Toshiba C660 – Has taken the RAM from the Fujitsu, and the 640GB HD that was going in the Fujitsu. A suitable charger was found in the lot, and a HDD caddy has been ordered (£3). Will be ready to go as soon as the caddy is fitted.

Fujitsu D9510 – This will take the 250GB HD that was in the C660, and the 2GB of RAM spare from it to make 4. Will get an install of 7, and I already have a charger for it in stock. Also need to order a HDD caddy (£10!)

Acer 9300 – Good working order, Vista installed and updated ready to go, needs a palmrest (£5). The keyboard won’t be replaced as it isn’t so bad, and some of the dead pixels in the screen turned out to be loose crap.. after opening the screen and cleaning it up this is 90% gone. I have a charger in stock (that cost me £10).

Dell D510s – the 15″ one has had an install of XP, the 14″ one still needs this doing.

Emachines D620s – One good one has been made out of the two, 2GB RAM, and the 80GB drive from the Advent 7211.

Toshiba A60s – Top half of the Pro has gone onto the Satellite, 40GB hard drive, 768MB RAM, will get an XP install and will need a charger sourcing. Pro motherboard may be sold at a car boot.

HP nc6220 – has been parted out and the useless bits thrown. Kept the screen, battery, keyboard and wireless card and also raided it for screws.

Emachines M5118 – nothing done yet. May get an upgraded HD soon, awaiting hinge covers and a new power button cover to be ordered (£3 and £2 respectively)

Advent 8109 – Will probably be parted out. HDD probably going in the 7211, stained screen in one of the Acer 5100s.

Dell Inspiron 6000 – Currently installing XP on it. Will need a keyboard instead of replacement keys, sadly.

Acer Extensa 5220 – Not a GPU fault! Replaced the RAM with 2 512 sticks in order to sell for spares and it’s not played up since! May get some different 1GB sticks instead if I can be bothered. Will want a charger and ideally a palmrest. Have restored it back to Vista and updated it.

Dell D430 – Displays to internal screen perfectly. Just needs battery, bottom cover and 1.8″ HDD. Will look out for MP3 players that contain these HDDs.

Advent 7211 – Will get a spare screen fitted, a bezel ordered (£3) and maybe the base replaced (£5). Will also get a new key at £1.50. Gave its HDD to the D620, so will probably get the 8109’s HDD unless I source new ones.

HP 6510b – Tidied up, screwed it back together a bit more, discovered it has Bluetooth. It charges a battery if one is inserted, so will take a stab and get a power button assembly soon, then order bits from there. Screen slightly damaged so may pay to get a donor instead.

Acer 5100s – Not loose DC jacks after all, I was just using a slightly too small tip on my universal charger! However, one won’t recognise HDDs still and the other now has a IRQ conflict error on POST, which according to my Googling means the board’s on its way out. Will put the 8109 screen in it as this isn’t the best, no point wasting good screens on condemned laptops!

HP nc4000 – still being binned.

HP G62 – one is on my watch list. It will probably be car booted if the watch list item doesn’t go for the right money.

Fujitsu V5535s – One will get the other 250GB hard drive unless something more deserving comes along. Will need chargers, HDD caddies and one needs a bezel.

Dell 1525 – will be a donor for one with a dead board probably.

Dell 6400 – still awaiting a donor, if one doesn’t show up soon it may lose its 100GB hard drive!

Packard Bell R1004 – still for sale, no interest even at break even price sadly.

Toshiba A120 – still for sale, no interest at £40 so far.

LG W2230S – New tips came, so this is ready to go. A friend should be buying it for £15.

Grundig TV – got the right PSU for it for £1 on Wednesday’s boot! Good working order and will be kept to leave at home while I’m at uni (as I’m damned if I’m leaving my 22″ Samsung at home instead, and the 15″ Bush one currently left at home has a dying Freeview tuner and HDMI input, and has to be controlled with a spare Sky+HD remote!).

Asus desktop PC – No takers at £30 so far. Will drop to £20 if necessary for space reasons.

Stone desktop PC – No takers at £50 so far. Will drop further if necessary.

Current Stock: WAY too many laptops + Desktop and TV!

So Sunday morning’s car boot brought us a TV.

Grundig 19″ LCD TV with DVD

Interesting fact, the DVD I tested it with was found in a machine I bought!
Interesting fact, the DVD I tested it with was found in a machine I bought!

Screen is scratched to buggery, and no power supply (wants a 12v 5.83a one). Tested it with a 12v 5a and it worked fine, has a remote, the DVD player works, I haven’t tested any inputs or the Freeview tuner yet, but the seller told me it needed a Freeview box as it didn’t have it… WRONG! It does. Not sure whether it actually works, mind… I have a 15″ Bush TV at home that has the same UI and inputs (so probably similar internals), and the Freeview on that has lines over the screen, and the HDMI is overly green, so if this works and I get a PSU for it in the
Price Paid: £2

And another tower I forgot to post about that was bought on Saturday from a friend

Stone desktop PC


Specs are a Pentium dual core E5700 at 3GHz, 2GB RAM, 250GB HD. I added a spare DVD drive and installed 7. Hoping to list this today. Sorry for being brief but it didn’t need anything doing to it!
Price Paid: £20

And on Sunday afternoon, I had a message from a local trader about some machines he wanted rid of. Went over to have a look and managed to secure a lot of 9 for £45. As I left I was told of some that had been thrown out, so scavenging I went and picked up 5 more for free! Later on he’d found some more, so I went and picked up another 4 for £15, and then three more at £10, making a total of £70 for a grand total of 21 laptops! Also thrown in were 6 512MB of DDR2 RAM, which may come in useful for some worse machines I have in stock!

Without further ado, let’s go through the list. Sorry for the brief descriptions, as I haven’t had much time to test all these, and for shrinking the photos but if I hadn’t this would be the longest post in history! We’ll start with the £45 lot of 9.

Dell Latitude D510


Comes with a 14″ screen, a Pentium M at 1.73GHz, 1GB RAM, 40GB hard drive and a DVD-ROM drive. Wireless card appears not to be present (or not recognised in the BIOS) and keyboard is missing. Boots into an XP install. Lid is also scuffed from removing old security markings.

Emachines D620


Was missing DVD drive, hard drive, and had a cracked LCD. Turned on as soon as power was applied but wouldn’t at any other time. Battery seemed to work OK. Processor would be an Athlon 64 single core, and it came with 2GB RAM.

Toshiba Satellite Pro A60

Boots fine, good condition with no hard drive, 768MB RAM, Celeron D processor, DVD-ROM drive, 14″ screen. Not wireless, sadly.



1.6GHz mobile Pentium 4 processor, came with 768MB RAM and no hard drive. Great condition, but absolutely no sign of life whatsoever. Probably be scrapped, I’ve already had the RAM off it.


HP Compaq nc6220

Goodish condition, missing a cover from the base, came with 512MB RAM and a Pentium M. Turns on but does nothing. Good screen though.


Emachines M5118


A 2.5GHz Celeron, 1.25GB RAM, and yet, a 20GB hard drive! Wants a CMOS battery and is missing 2 hinge covers but otherwise good, booted into a crap-filled 7 installation just fine. Might knock the RAM down to 1GB, put a bigger HDD in (probably around 40GB) and load XP back on it again.

Advent 8109


Celeron M 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, 60GB hard drive, missing 2 keys and has a broken left click but booted into an XP install fine. Overall very tatty, and has a stained screen, which I will possibly take apart and clean up.

Dell Inspiron 6000


A 1.73GHz Pentium M, 30GB hard drive and 1GB RAM, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth. Boots fine, just wants an OS reloading. Missing 2 keys, a battery and DVD drive. Sadly the keyboard from the 6400 I already have in won’t fit.

Acer Extensa 5220


1.73GHz Celeron, 80GB hard drive, 2GB RAM (might keep this or knock it down to 1, not sure yet), screen’s scratched and it is covered in stickers, but booted to a 7 install fine. Restored it back to Vista, and as it hit the desktop, BOOM, graphics corrupted. Will probably be parted out.

Next we have the bin finds!

Dell Latitude D430


1.2GHz Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM, missing HDD and battery, boots but only on an external display. Potentially motherboard fault, so may not survive!

Advent 7211


Previously sold this to the same trader for around £10 to £15 as I recall! 2GHz Celeron, 80GB hard drive, 2GB RAM, works fine, boots into a 7 install, missing a screen, bezel, battery and 1 key. It had a screen and bezel when I sold it, I seem to recall. I found a battery in stock that fits it, £3 for a bezel, I have spare screens and a key is £1.50. The base is cracked but workable, so I might spend the £5 for a new one. I have pinched the hard drive out of this for something so it will need another one putting in, potentially from the Advent 8109.

Toshiba Satellite A60


Turns on with RAM added, but no display on laptop screen. Missing ODD, HDD (but has the caddy!) and has a cracked screen but a good battery. 2 loose keys that won’t stay attached may need replacing, or alternatively replace the keyboard. Might make one good out of the two A60s. While writing this I realised the nc6220 has the same size screen, so this might save it!

HP Compaq 6510B


Missing keyboard, power button panel (rather irritatingly!), base covers, battery, HDD (and caddy) and RAM. Marked up as a Celeron. The HDD caddy and battery from the nc6220 will fit this, so first step is to see if I can get a power button to test it.

Acer Aspire 7520


Powers briefly, as no CPU. Missing heatsink screws, a few keys and the ODD too. 17″ screen looks good, and it had 1GB RAM in it. Has Nvidia graphics so might not be worth fixing. I have been informed that the screen and board are dead, so this will probably be sold on as is.

Onto the second lot! This lot cost £15 overall.

Sony Vaio VGN-CR29XN


Powers on briefly. No RAM, HDD, bottom cover, and battery. Core 2 Duo T7250 fitted. Has a good looking screen in it. A different CPU didn’t fix it.

Acer Aspire 5100 (x2) (no pictures due to me being a dozy prat!)

Two of these, no screens, hard drives or ODDs. Both had 1GB RAM and an AMD Turion X2 1.6GHz processor. Both boot up. One has a buggered lid. Each board has its own unique faults, one won’t recognise hard drives and the other has a slightly loose DC jack, which makes contact roughly 60% of the time. I’ve put a screen in the one with the loose DC jack and as one of the batteries holds charge, I will probably sell it but for a reduced price due to fault.

Dell Latitude D510


Another one! Better condition, the 15″ model, again, Pentium M 1.73GHz, 40GB hard drive, DVD-ROM, but this one has only 512MB RAM, has its wireless card and has a good battery. Booted, but I had garbled graphics on the first boot, so probably a donor for the other one. However, it has been absolutely fine since that time, so maybe not!

And finally, the last three. This lot cost me £10.

HP G62


Missing screen, keyboard and other components. Case is in good condition. Powers, but nothing else. Will keep an eye out for one with cracked hinges maybe.

Emachines D620 (no pic as it looks the same as the other one!)

Another one! Good motherboard, good screen, bad lid, no RAM. What I did was put the lid off the other one onto this one, switched the keyboard due to a fault, and made up a good one with 2GB RAM and I stole the 80GB drive from the Advent 7211. Currently troubleshooting a really annoying issue where if I secure the hard drive with screws as I’m meant to, it won’t recognise the hard drive, but if the cover is left off and the caddy not screwed in, it works perfectly!

HP nc4000


Crap. Although it does boot, the hinge is broken and it’s missing the USB ports. I’d be looking at £5 for new hinges, £3 for new hinge covers and £15 for a new motherboard, as well as £3 for the power button I accidentally broke. This on a laptop that I could maybe sell for £30? I’d be looking at £5 profit tops, and the parts in it are more useful for other machines. I have taken out the 40GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, and the wireless card, and I might hang onto the screen, but the rest will be binned.

The plan with these is to get as many running as possible, and anything that we can’t sort will go to the car boot. Which laptops get sorted first depends on the chargers I get in this lot I’m waiting for, which was despatched yesterday, but I already have a charger that fits the Emachines D620, so this will likely be the first to go.

From there, the ones likely to be done up and sold include the Advent 7211, at least one of the D510s (if not both), one of the Acer 5100s, the Inspiron 6000, at least one of the A60s (potentially but unlikely both) and the M5118

Condemned are the Vaios (although the CR29 might be kept for spares), the Acer 7520, the nc4000, the other D620, the nc6220 (stripped for spares probably), and if this GPU fault occurs again, the Extensa 5220.

Hanging in the balance depending on the right parts coming along or being fixable are the Dell D430, though that’s reliant on getting a display on the LCD and sourcing a 1.8″ HDD, the 6510B if it works, the Advent 8109 (it needs a lot of plastics and it’s not that great a machine, and it could donate some parts to other systems) and finally the 6510B, which is highly dependent on it actually working.

Of course there is a possibility of other machines I already have in getting the benefit of these machines. If the Extensa’s buggered, its hard drive might go into the worse of the two V5535s, dependent on charger availability.

More news when the chargers arrive or I start getting these machines going!

Current Stock: The eBay Job Lot!

Firstly, quick updates, the Kindle sold today for £20, a little less than I could’ve got from CEX but it saves hassle so I’m not bothered. That £20, due to money made in the lot it came from, is pure profit, and means that on that lot, which contained 4 laptops (a Compaq CQ61, Samsung R510, Toshiba A200, Acer 5338), a camcorder, this Kindle and a TomTom, we’ve made a total of £98.70 profit and got a sat nav out of it too!

The eBay job lot has finally arrived yesterday! I’ve been working through each one and testing them to see if they take an OS and to see if any faults come up, in most cases by sticking in a spare 250GB HD and doing a test install of Windows 7.

Acer Aspire 9303WSMi

With work this can be the powerhouse it was new.
With work this can be the powerhouse it was new.

Tatty, but it does seem to work. Stock, this would’ve come equipped with an AMD TL-52 1.6GHz dual core, 1GB of RAM, an Nvidia Go 7300 graphics card and a 160GB hard drive. I’ve upped the RAM to 2GB, and put an 80GB hard drive in it, and I already have a charger in stock. I’ve loaded it up with Vista and it seems to be working fine, despite the Nvidia graphics of doom. It will want a screen (cheapest so far is around £30), as there’s a section of dead pixels, although this may not get replaced due to cost, and it will also want a palmrest (about £5) due to damage on the current one. There is also some crap on the keys which hasn’t come off, but I might leave this as is, or might get a cheap replacement for the keyboard (£8.99 new). Battery seems to hold some charge but not a lot!

Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-2JU

Looks smart and almost ready to go!
Looks smart and almost ready to go!

In fantastic condition! An i3-2350m processor, although the RAM’s a bit low at 2GB. I’ve bumped it up to 3GB for the time being with a view to getting another 2GB stick to bump it up to 4. Will want a hard drive caddy (£3, but it basically looks like a bit of foil!), and for now I’ve stuck a 250GB drive in. Ideally these should have a 320GB drive, so I’m trying to source one of that size or bigger. Seems to have a good battery too. Have loaded 7 onto it, and if I get a bigger drive I’ll just clone the install to the bigger drive! I have a charger for this that’s on its way in a job lot of chargers, so fingers crossed that the charger works!

Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo D9510

Again, worn but good!
Again, worn but good!

Worn but working. Keyboard is a bit grimey and so is the palmrest, but replacements are difficult to come by, especially if I wanted to keep this model’s ThinkPad style pointer. Fitted with a Core 2 Duo P8400, and 2GB of DDR3 RAM, we’ve had some failures to boot. An error on start up indicated a dead CMOS battery, but replacement didn’t fix this. A BIOS update however, did, and also revived the dead battery (not tested it fully yet!) fixed a weird issue where keys needed to be pressed repeatedly to register and the touchpad had about a second delay! This should fix the start up issue that I had with it too. Test install went fine. Odds are I’ll bump this up to 3 or 4GB (depending on what I do with the Toshiba!) and once the other machines are tested, stick that spare 250GB in here.

Dell Inspiron 1525

I'm not going to lie to you, this is probably going to die.
I’m not going to lie to you, this is probably going to die.

Knackered but works. I can’t find a bit of casing I’d want to keep yet! 1.83GHz Core 2 Duo T5550 and 2GB RAM, the service tag indicates that it should have had a 250GB HD from new. Seems to work fine with a test install. Will need a charger as well as a lid, bezel, possibly hinge, power button, DVD faceplate, and ideally a palmrest, keyboard and screen due to this superglue-like substance over the old ones! I also suspect another fault, as the battery won’t attempt to charge, but it’s struggling to recognise the working Dell charger I have. A BIOS update, which can sometimes fix this, didn’t. Could be my charger deciding to play up, could be the DC jack (£4 to replace, it’s on a separate PCB), could be the battery, could be the motherboard, who knows? And given the condition, who cares? I’ll be looking for a donor, ideally one with a dead motherboard, and this will get top half/palmrest/keyboard swap to this one!

2x Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo V5535

The better of the two
The better of the two
This one's not as good but still works fine
This one’s not as good but still works fine

Both came with 2GB RAM and Core 2 Duo T5850s. One is mint with a working battery, the other could do with a bezel (£4) and a screen (I have in stock, this one has blobs of what looks like superglue on it!) and has a less good battery. I think what I plan to do is switch around the RAM (both have 2GB sticks at the moment. The worse condition one will probably have two 1GBs put in instead, and the other will either have 3 or 4GB of RAM), and then hard drives will be sourced. Will need chargers (about £10 each). Test installs on both came up fine.

Fujitsu Lifebook LH531

A little worn and needing a little love!
A little worn and needing a little love!

i5, 4GB RAM. No sign of life, and it looks a bit worn. Upon opening it up, someone has attempted to repair the DC jack instead of replacing it (which makes no sense, it is not a soldering job to replace in these!). £7 for a new DC jack, and if this works, a charger will be sourced (probably £10) and I’ll put in my last free HDD, a 640GB. If I can get hold of RAM, it might get an upgrade. If this doesn’t work, or reveals hidden faults, it won’t get a HDD put in it, the 640 would then go in the Toshiba (which would get the 4GB RAM stick, passing down its 2GB to make 4 in the D9510), and will be sold as is.

Oh, price paid for the lot? £51 posted! So we’ve got 6 working machines here, 4 of which only really need hard drives, caddies and chargers, and another one that will hopefully work!

More updates to come at the end of this weekend, as my car is now back from the garage (with my wallet being £250 lighter) so I shall be attending my Saturday and probably Sunday boots!

Current Stock: Little Tower, Pink Screen + Updates

So, Wednesday brought us this little desktop PC, and then on Thursday eBay brought us another lot of laptops. More information on those when they arrive, but the headline figures are a second gen i3, a second gen i3 or i5 (can’t read the sticker on the picture!), and a variety of Core 2 Duos. All sans hard drive, but I have working ones in stock (a 640, two 250s and an 80 at the moment, but we’ll keep an eye out for more). Apparently the courier picked them up yesterday but I haven’t had confirmation yet, I suspect they won’t be sent til tomorrow. And today brought us a monitor, too!

Here she is, ready to go!
Here she is, ready to go!

Updates wise, a donor has arrived for the A120. Switched over the screen, palmrest and keyboard, and that’s now ready to go and will be listed for sale today. Cost of the donor was £12, so total spend is £25, and I shall be listing it for £40. I have several donors lined up on my watch list for the Dell 6400, which I discovered yesterday has a dead battery. Now that I have a proper Dell charger (more on that later) I’ll attempt a BIOS update and see if that revives the battery, as on these Dells it sometimes can.

Our best option is probably to get a 6400 with a really good bottom half, switch over the top half, which is such an easy job on these. Literally, undo the screws for the hinges, pop off the hinge/power button cover with a flathead screwdriver, two screws to have the keyboard out, disconnect wifi antennas and screen cable (will need to remove another screw here), unroute cables, lift off, job done.

So onto Wednesday’s PC. Other Wednesday purchases included a bag of assorted cables and chargers for £6. Nothing special, but I managed to get a Dell 130w charger, which I’ll keep to test Dell laptops (can use this on anything that takes a standard Dell PA-12), and some other useful cables. There was also a 120GB 2.5″ SATA HD, but that was dead.

Asus T3-P5945GCX desktop PC

Bit tatty but she works well!
Bit tatty but she works well!

OK, so these are barebones desktops. Few scratches on this one but not that bad. This one came fitted with a Pentium Dual Core E2180 at 2GHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM, a 320GB hard drive, and a DVD rewriter. The front part of these slides down to reveal the front I/O ports and a card reader. Weird thing about these is that they don’t come with built in Ethernet, but they come with PCI LAN cards, which this one still has (I had spares anyway). I took out the RAM in it and put that in my second PC (which is really finicky on RAM, but works with the stick I took out of this!), and stuck in 2 1GB sticks I had spare that my second PC didn’t like. It came with a slow installation of XP, so I wiped it and put 7 on. I was toying with keeping it and replacing my second PC (as you can tell it’s a bit temperamental!), but I think I’ll sell it instead. I reckon £40 is not unreasonable for this due to its size.
Price Paid: £10

Next we have today’s buy.

LG Flatron W2230S monitor

Showing everyone's favourite website, of course!
Showing everyone’s favourite website, of course!

Pretty in pink! Bought without a power supply or any leads, and looking a bit filthy and scratched. When I got it home and cleaned it up, all bar a couple of scratches came out when I cleaned it. I don’t have the right power supply for it, but what I do have is one of the right voltage and amps (12v 2a) and a selection of universal charger tips. These take the same type of tip as various Samsung and Sony laptops, so I had one in. Tested and it works fine! The power supply I have can go with it (it came in the bag of ones I bought on Wednesday), but I will need the tip, so I’m going to buy two sets of 8 extra tips for £1.50 a pop on eBay, and let one of the then three tips I will have go with it. Price wise, I’m not sure what to ask, as the colour will put some folk off, as will lack of ability to wall mount, the funky kickstand arrangement and although it is a 1080p monitor, it only has VGA. Still, anything would be a profit given the price paid!
Price Paid: £1

I may not make Wednesday’s boot as my car’s going into the garage on Monday, and I might be standing another boot on Saturday, but whatever happens I’ll post an update.