Month: April 2015

Tales from the Car Boot: A Foursome from Home

First, updates! The Asus barebones PC has sold, for a combination of £20 cash and £20 gift voucher for a certain chain of restaurants, which is valid (I’ve checked!), so that means a £30 profit (technically, £10, but I’d go to this restaurant anyway). Another sale was the Packard Bell EasyNote R1004, which sadly since being in storage has suffered from almost complete failure of the DC jack. A friend purchased it for £10 for a video for a project in which it was attacked with a hammer. Surviving the attack were the hard drive and RAM, which were returned to me. Overall, a loss on that laptop and the lot it came from, as I haven’t done anything with the Inspiron 6400 yet, but you win some, you lose some.

The Compaq 6510b was dug out of storage for its battery for one of today’s items, and I noticed that it did happen to have a power button, just one that was recessed! So, I tested it, and it works! The screen, although gouged a bit, is good, and it booted to an Ubuntu USB and worked pretty well to say it’s a 1.83GHz Celeron! Will likely do this up, and I have some spare Core 2 Duos, which if it takes, I will fit. Other than that, it will need a battery, some covers for the base, an optical drive, keyboard and hinge covers, as well as a good clean up. It is probably going to work out cheaper to acquire a donor.

The Dell D510s were dug out of storage too, and I discovered that what I thought was faulty graphics on one was actually a faulty screen. Now, I’m after a keyboard, a 15″ screen, and a 14″ lid, and then I’ll be able to get both of them gone as good working machines instead of just one!

I went home for Easter, so I attended my usual Saturday afternoon and Sunday boots (well, two of them, I had a cold, please take pity on me). Nothing much on Saturday’s sodden excuse for a car boot field (a CD wallet to replace mine that went walkies for 50p, and a Coca-Cola napkin holder for £1 to appease the parentals), and to add insult, most of the cars got stuck in the sludgefest car park when trying to leave, mine included! Here’s Sunday’s buys though (excuse the lack of pictures!):

Dell Latitude D410
Not in too bad a condition. Stickers indicate it’s a Pentium M, and it has 1.25GB of DDR2 RAM and a 40GB IDE drive. The hinges are a bit floppy but other than that it seems to be in OK condition. Powers briefly but that’s it. Battery seems to work though.
Price Paid: £1

Next, a set of HP laptops.

HP EliteBook 6930p
Screen looks to be damaged, and it’s claiming a RAM fault despite trying known good sticks. Missing hard drive and battery.  Also missing 2 keys and has a faulty lid latch, but has cleaned up OK. 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo with a fingerprint reader. Will be sold on for spares.

HP Compaq nx6125
Missing a few bits, hard drive, cover and battery (I fitted the 6510b battery to this). Works well, 2GHz AMD Turion single core, came with 512MB RAM (which I’ve doubled with a spare stick of 512 I had in). One issue, the screen resembles a Paul Smith design, stripes everywhere, so that will want replacing, which seeing as it’s a 1400×1050 hi-res model as opposed to the usual 1024×768 ones, is a pain. With an 80GB IDE drive I had spare fitted, it runs 7 quite well. Will want a screen and the HDD caddy/cover. Once the nx6110 is gone, this will be focused on.

HP Compaq nx6110
Complete, it’s a 1.5GHz Celeron M, with 512MB RAM (256 of which was faulty and has been replaced) and a 40GB hard drive that inexplicably has Windows 98 installed instead of the usual XP! A reinstall should do the trick on this one as other than the OS it seems to be working fine, and I happen to have a charger in stock (I might even have a couple!), so the fact that this only needs a CMOS battery (£4-5), means it’s going to be done up as soon as and sold. In an ideal world I’d like around £40 for it, but for a quick sale I’ll take anything north of £20.
Price Paid: £8

Other items purchased include a Fujitsu 20v 3.25a charger for £2.50, which will go with the better of the two V5535s, two LiteOn 19v 3.42a chargers (Acer fitment) for 50p a pop, a pair of Microsoft USB keyboards (a Wired Keyboard 600 and a Comfort Curve 2000) for £1 a pop, and a bunch of sat navs:

TomTom Go 550 LIVE
Same as my 750 LIVE that I got the other month. No sign of life whatsoever, but it came with the windscreen mount and car charger (worth £50 and £20 respectively), so I shall steal these for mine and sell on the 550 for spares.

RAC Sat Nav
This has no windscreen mount or car charger, but works. Will be wiped and put on the boots probably, might get £5 – £15 for it. While writing this post I realised that I have a mount for it, so I might bother finding a charger.
Price Paid: £4

Should be more news soon, but it’s currently assignment hand-in period, so all efforts are going to that, so don’t expect many posts this month, but I’ll see what I can do!


Current Stock: A pair of Dells

This post has been sat in draft form for the past couple of weeks, and I’m running around like a madman as of late, so no pictures, sorry! During those weeks, the Sunday boots fetched us these:

  • Belkin 2-port KVM with cables (missing PSU) – 60p, and I think I have a suitable PSU in.
  • Dell PA-10 charger with mains lead – £3
  • USB stick – £1 – turns out it’s 256MB 😦
  • And completely unrelated, an old Safeway basket, £1

From there, let’s look at these towers! All three were acquired from a friend. The Dells are of a similar vintage and both sport card readers, twin optical drives (one ROM and one writer each) and good condition cases.

Dell Dimension 5150

A 2.8GHz Pentium D, 1GB RAM, the DVD drives don’t appear to work all that well, but it has an ATI X600 graphics card, and an X-Fi XtremeMusic sound card. 160GB SATA drive I have spare has been fitted and 7 installed. I’ve had some interest at £25, so hopefully this will sell today.

Dell Dimension 9150

This one’s a little better, a 3GHz Pentium D, 2GB RAM and an Nvidia 7900GS! I think the plan will be to put a 250GB drive I have in in this (out of my workshop rig, will clone the drive to a spare 500GB I have in). Should be worth around £30 to £35 once done.

Custom-built PC

This is less good. This has an old Socket A AMD Sempron 2600+ running at 1.83GHz, and 512MB RAM. I’ve thrown in a spare 80GB IDE drive from a system I sold ages ago, and if I can find a working 512MB stick of DDR in my stash, will up the RAM to 1GB. The case is smart and has extras like a card reader, but has a great dent in the top. Price wise, expecting to get about £15 for it with a fresh install of XP and the upped RAM, but it will likely sit and wait until after the assessment period is over.

There will be some more posts soon enough!