Month: May 2015

Results from yesterday’s car boot and updates

So I decided to stand a boot last Saturday, as it would be my last chance to do so before moving back home for the summer (I’m packing as I write this!), and the less I have to try and cram in my car to take home the better! Sales were as follows:

HP nx6125 – Cost £8 for the laptop, £5.60 for hard drive caddy/cover, £2 for charger/cloverleaf cable. Total £15.60 spent. Sold for £30, profit of £14.40 (this does not take into account the HP nx6110 and Elitebook 6930p that were purchased in the same lot)
Fujitsu V5535 – Cost £3 for the HDD caddy, £15 for the hard drive (250GB). Total £18 spent. Sold for £45, profit of £27. On the job lot of 7 laptops that this came from, we are now at a profit of £94, with the other V5535 and the D9510 to go (also the Inspiron 1525 but that’s going nowhere any time soon!)
TomTom Go LIVE 550 – Cost £4 for the sat nav. Sold for £5, profit of £1 (not taking into consideration the RAC sat nav in the same lot, and the windscreen mount and car charger I robbed off it for my sat nav.
Stone desktop PC – Cost £20 for the system, £5 for the 500GB hard drive (I swapped out the 250 it came with to put in the Dell 9150). Total £25 spent. Sold for £50, profit of £25.
Fujitsu PC case – I never got chance to write about this. Cost 50p. Sold for £3, £2.50 profit.

Total made is £133, profit of £69.90. This left us with the other V5535, D9510, Extensa 5220, and Advent 7211 that are working ready to go machines, as well as the Dell 9150.

Between then and now, the blue Dell 1545 has been made ready to go. How, you ask? Well, the 160GB hard drive from the red one wasn’t actually faulty when tested properly! So I’ve stuck this in it, nicking the HDD caddy from the 1525 I have in. I had a charger in stock too. The screen was sourced from another laptop, an Acer 5535, which I bought from one of my housemates for £20 as not booting with no hard drive. Works perfectly, which is surprising, as I know with some Dells you have to get a screen with a Dell P/N or the brightness doesn’t work as intended. The laptop still has a genuine Acer charger, 3GB of RAM, a new keyboard and other bits that it can give up, too!

Finally, a couple of small sales, I sold an old PC case I didn’t want for £10, and the Advent 7211 went for £25. This originally cost £3, sold for £10, was given back to me for free (well, taken out of a bin!), £3 for bezel, £5 for a base. The sum total of this is that it owed me £1, therefore £24 profit!

There’ll be no boots for the next couple of weeks, as I’ve got some busy weekends ahead and need to shift a bit of stock first! I do have some pre-written stories from the past that I will likely post every now and again. Once I get back into booting, I’m really thinking about starting to do vlogs on YouTube and sharing them here. Is this something people would be interested in? Let me know!


Tales from the Car Boot: Inspirons and Updates

First things first, the Dell Dimension 5150 has left us. Sold for £10 plus an iPod touch (which doesn’t work and will be scrapped), which means I need to make another £5 on the 9150 and the other desktop PC I got with them. Honestly, I need the space so this isn’t too bad. At some point I’ll sort out a hard drive for the 9150 (Current plan is to clone the 250GB currently in my second PC to another HDD, and put the 250 in the 9150), install an OS and get it gone.

Assignments are over, and aside from a couple of exams this brings an end to my second year of university. This means I’ll have a lot more time to dedicate to buying, selling, and blogging! A large amount of parts have been purchased to complete machines, so I’ll list what’s been bought below.

  • Acer Extensa 5220 – New palmrest and base plastics
  • Acer Aspire 9300 – New palmrest
  • Dell Mini 910 – Screen cable, which didn’t fix it. I’ve removed the RAM and the 16GB mini PCI-E SSD from it, will sell the SSD. May also nick the 3G card off it.
  • Fujitsu D9510 – HDD caddy
  • Fujitsu V5535 – HDD caddies
  • Advent 7211 – base plastics
  • HP Compaq nx6125 – base covers and HDD caddy (stole the screen from the nx6110)

Still left over to buy are donors for the Inspiron 1525, 6510b, 6930p, the blue 1545 mentioned below, and a lid for the Fujitsu Pi2515 (which again will likely wait until I have a charger). Other donors that may be purchased include one for the Inspiron 6000, 6400 and the Latitude D510s. Another couple of items that may be looked for are chargers for the Emachines M5118, Advent 8109 and Toshiba A60.

As things stand,  the Acer 9300 sold for £30 (total spent £10, £20 profit, on the job lot of 7 it came from we’re now at £67 profit with the 3 Fujitsus and the Inspiron 1525 left to sell), the two V5535s are almost ready for sale, although they both need chargers as the one I bought doesn’t work, the 7211, D9510 and nx6125 are going up for sale as soon as they’ve finished doing updates, and as soon as the palmrest arrives for the Extensa, that will be going too (the base is already here. Some other machines I no longer need (Dell D410, Sony PCG-GRX316MP, Acer 5100s, Acer 7520, HP G62, and what’s left of the Mini 910) are up for sale as spares machines. Everything else will either be done up or sold as is, as I’m preparing to clear out as much as I can prior to moving back home later this month!

So, a week or two ago, it was assignment week and it was a nice day, so I decided to take a break and head to my usual Wednesday boot (possibly in an attempt at procrastination) and picked up these!

Dell Inspiron 1545

A smart little machine, with its glossy blue lid, a Core 2 Duo T5800 2GHz, 3GB RAM (now 2GB), no hard drive, a cracked bezel and no charger with it. Screen lights up for a couple of seconds then goes off. Another inverter doesn’t fix the issue, so likely a screen fault. I don’t have any spare ones in (this takes 15.6″ LCD not LED), but I may have a way of getting one.
Price Paid: £20

Office Home and Student 2007

I pick these up all the time when I can. People think they’re not worth a lot, but I’ve had £50 and £60 on eBay for them in the past. This is currently listed, anything it achieves I’ll be happy with. I’ll be listing it as soon as I get chance to pop into town and get some envelopes from the pound shop.
Price Paid: £3

And then on the Saturday, I got this.

Dell Inspiron 1545

I paid too much really but it was OK! Pentium dual core, 2GHz, 3GB RAM, a dead 160GB hard drive (I will attempt to revive it though), no charger. The glossy red lid was cracked too. Upped to 4GB RAM out of the other 1545. New lid (in the right red, but matte not glossy), a non-camera bezel (this one has a camera so the bezel will go on the other one) and a set of hinges, £5 new due to a pricing error on eBay! I tried the inverter from this in the other one, no dice, so the other one wants a screen. Oh well, 320GB comes out of that, and into this alongside the extended battery (a less good regular but genuine Dell battery goes into the other one!), which gets the new lid and the existing bezel. Total spend of £5 for the charger, £5 for the lid, £5 for the HDD, equalling £55. Sold the other day through Gumtree.
Price Paid: £40
Price Sold: £100
Profit: £45