Current Stock: Lots of stuff!

First things first, sorry for the lack of updates but I have various family members in hospital and have been running round like a prat, not to mention I need to go and move my stuff out of my old house! I will have a video up in the next few days about this lot (probably filmed in 3 chunks!). Anyway, enough of that. News!

  • The Toshiba L500 sold for £45, but the DC jack fell into the casing. Buyer was due to return it but then 3 days later listed it on Gumtree at a higher price! He won’t be getting a refund now! I made a profit of £30.
  • The scrap machines I had in sold for £25 in a job lot. This includes the Acer 5100, Acer Extensa 5235, the original 6930p, the Sony GRX316MP, the Dell D410, Inspiron 6000 and the Acer 7520. They didn’t owe me anything except for £5 on the 5235, so that makes it a profit of £20.
  • The better of the Dell D510s has now sold for £20, a profit of £13.50 (£5 for the charger, £1.50 to cover the spares from the donor further down in this post!), making a profit of £13.50 on the lot of 21 I got ages ago.
  • The C50D has had a drive and caddy fitted and now owes me £35.50, and is up for sale.
  • The good HP 6930p sold for £75. I paid £20, add in £5 to cover the charger and that’s a £50 profit.
  • The other V5535 sold too, for £50. It owed me £2 for a charger, and £5 of the price was petrol as I delivered it, so that’s £43 profit. That makes for a total profit of £177 on the £51 job lot of 7 I purchased. That’s with the 1525 still left to sell, if it ever lives again!

HP Pavilion dm3-1155ea


This has an AMD L335 1.6GHz dual core processor, HD 4330 graphics (switchable!), 4GB of RAM and came with a 120GB HDD. Reinstalled 7 and it runs fine except for a dodgy speaker. Plastics are rough so a new bottom case will be ordered (which will also include speakers) and a new set of hinges too as the ones on it have had it. A nice little system though! Came with the proper charger and a good battery too. Ideally wants a new palmrest and a new bezel as the old one’s cracked but at £18 for a bezel that isn’t happening!
Price Paid: £30 (high but I did get it delivered to me instead of going to fetch it, saving myself a bit of petrol!)

PlayStation 3 40GB


This was faulty but had recently had a new laser fitted. Sold at that week’s car boot.
Price Paid: FREE
Price Sold: £5
Profit: £5

And the other day, a friend of mothers got in touch about some systems he was going to throw away. So I duly went and collected them!

Job Lot of systems


Excuse the fancy picture – I was in a rush to remove these from the back of the car (not mine – father’s) and accidentally forgot to switch the camera out of ‘Artistic’ mode…
OK, I’m going to bullet point this as there’s a bit to get through.

  • Sony Vaio PCG-F801A – AMD K6-2 533MHz processor, 512MB RAM (despite only officially supporting 256!), 6GB HDD, slow as anything (suspect HDD is dying – Took a 10GB out of the Dell Latitude so this might go in) and a noisy fan. Thrown away due to epic slowness and lack of space and charger.
  • Dell Latitude CPx – 500MHz Pentium 3 – scrapped due to loose DC jack. Top half saved.
  • IBM ThinkPad R31 – 1.2GHz Celeron, came with dead RAM, 20GB HDD, works OK.
  • IBM ThinkPad R30 x2 – 1GHz Pentium 3s, one with a cracked lid and running like crap, one with a damaged board. Thrown both away after salvaging HDDs.
  • IBM ThinkPad A30 – Chunky. 933MHz Pentium 3. Works OK except for lack of wifi, dead battery and the sound inexplicably doesn’t work.
  • Dell OptiPlex GX260 x2 – Think they’re 2.4GHz Pentium 4s with 20GB drives. Both seem to work OK.
  • Dell Optiplex GX240 – Works OK, slow and only takes PC133 though. 40GB drive though!
  • Dell Optiplex GX270 – Works much better. 768MB RAM, 2.8GHz Pentium 4, 40GB drive.
  • Gigabyte 775 motherboard – no RAM, has a CPU in it, the case it was in was binned as it was missing its side panels, but it had a Core 2 Duo sticker on it. Also an EZCool 500w PSU. Will be tested when I get the laptops and the Optiplexes sorted, might be a new second PC for me after the grief I’ve had with mine!
  • HP Laserjet printers – Two of these. I threw them, I don’t have room to keep them and they were parallel only. Got half a ream of paper out of one though!
  • 15″ non-brand LCD – Thick, heavy, scratched, chucked.

Plan is to sell the R31 (after switching in RAM from the Vaio and one of the R30 30GB drives, alongside a wireless card off one and the best battery out of the three) and A30 with chargers, which I happened to have in my charger box. The Optiplexes will need RAM adding as only the GX240 and GX270 came with any, and I might upgrade the 260 HDDs, as they’re only 20GB. I’ve kept the install of XP on the A30, as this was easier than reloading and had useful software already loaded on, but am reinstalling XP on the R31 and the Optiplexes.

Price Paid: Free!

HP nc4400


This was picked up as working but without a charger (aren’t they all!). On getting it home, it attempted to boot but crashed. Strangely it wouldn’t run an Ubuntu USB or Memtest, but the issue was traced to the 1.5GB RAM inside it, which I’ve swapped out for 2GB of known good RAM. All fixed now. Running XP with the original recovery partition, but if I could be bothered to install it it would run 7 quite well with it’s 2GHz dual core processor. Only has a 60GB hard drive but that’s not too bad for an XP box. I have a charger in stock, so I’ll get this listed for maybe £50 to £60 soon.
Price Paid: £5

A lot of RAM and hard drives

You should know what hard drives look like, so no pics! A total of 8 2.5″ SATA hard drives, a large amount of DDR3 laptop RAM amongst other sticks such as some FB-DIMMs, server RAM, and a few odd DDR2 sticks. 2 matching 2GB sticks have gone in the C50D. As for the drives, 3 were dead (all Seagate – read into that what you will! They were a 500GB and 320GB thin drive and a normal 160GB), but working ones included 2 250GBs (1 slim), 2 320GBs and a 500GB Seagate Momentus XT SSHD! Annoyingly I’d already bought a drive for the C50D (£18 off eBay), or the Momentus would go in it. The drives will be kept for machines that need them. One of the 250GBs will be going in the HP dm3 at some point.
Price Paid: £40

Dell Latitude D505

Bought purely as a parts donor for the D510s I have in. Added bonus of 2x1GB DDR sticks of RAM, although 1 is dead. POSTs, but due to not being as well specced as the 510s, has been used as a donor. It’s RAM will possibly go in my father’s ageing Fujitsu D1845, its DVD drive and 15″ screen went into one of the D510s. The keyboard does not fit the D510, sadly. The battery has also been rescued and appears to hold a charge. Despite appearing to have a working motherboard, this has been chucked, hence lack of photo.
Price Paid: £1.50

Acer Aspire 6530

This model comes with an AMD Turion X2 RM-70 processor, and should have a Blu-Ray drive and around a 250GB hard drive. The latter two are not present, and the system does not power on. It powers briefly then shuts down after a few seconds. I have a spare working RM-70 but the pins have been damaged in storage, so once I’ve summoned up the motivation to straighten these out I’ll try replacing the CPU. Other than that, plastic round the DC jack is buggered (but the DC jack isn’t) and the HDD connector is missing. Assuming I can get it going again, a DVD drive is £10 (I can go for Blu-Ray at £20), £4 for a HDD connector, £7 to replace the plastic round the DC jack, ignore the cracked bezel, £4 for a caddy, bosh in a spare drive and potentially up the RAM from the 2GB it came with. Assuming I can’t get it going again? Sold as spares. Keyboard is shared with several Acer models, the RAM can be nicked, and the screen is an odd size but looks intact so can be kept too assuming I can’t find a buyer for the complete thing. Sorry for the lack of picture, but I forgot.
Price Paid: £8

Another lot of RAM

This was picked up for the Optiplexes. About 30 sticks overall, mostly DDR or DDR2 512MB sticks (some of which are ECC). Some 1GB sticks (which if working will go in the GX270). It’s RAM, you know what it looks like, so no pics!


A 4th gen iPod touch, 8GB, with a cracked glass and slightly bent frame. Backlight non-0perative, nor is the touch. Closer inspection shows a possible damaged cable. May order a screen. This is recognised in iTunes, but due to lack of touch and a previous owner’s passcode there’s not a lot I can do at this moment with it. Might order a screen if I can confirm the connectors aren’t damaged. Other iPod is a 4th gen 20GB classic which was sold as working, but had a dead hard drive. Luckily, I have a spare 30GB from an old Philips GoGear I got from a boot ages ago, at one of these stalls where you have a box of random broken phones, MP3 players, cameras, sat navs, that sort of thing – I assume it wasn’t tested due to the proprietary connector Philips use. All I did was rip the drive out. Popped the new drive in, jobs a good one! I’m actually listening to it now as I write this. £12 for a new screen for the touch, and I’m not sure how much the classic is worth now I’ve had to put a non-standard HDD in it, so we’ll have to see. Also forgot to photograph these!

Price Paid (inc RAM and two iPods): £17

Other random small purchases included a HP battery that didn’t fit the 6930p for £2, 3 10.2″ LED screens for £5 (one of which is cracked and one of which appears to be brand new), and some other scrap laptops that I shall be detailing in a post after I return from my uni town next week!


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