Month: August 2015

I accidentally forgot to blog

Warning – this is going to be a long one, and I haven’t really had time to take pictures – I’ve just started a new job and this is my excuse. I’ve been behind for a few weeks due to other things going off at home too, so sorry! I will get some more videos uploaded soon. So, I’ll be brief on the updates. These have sold:

  • Fujitsu Pi2515 sold for £35, owed £20 + £2 for a charger, so £13 profit.
  • Acer 6530 – Sold for a £2 loss
  • The HP nc4400 sold for £30, £20 profit
  • Some of the RAM and drives from previous lots that was either faulty or untested sold for a total of £22 – both lots cost £50.
  • The BT phones from the southern boot were sold for £3, break even (but I did get a year’s use out of them!)
  • Toshiba C50D sold for £80, a profit of £35 (lid had to be replaced due to screw mount failure)
  • Nokia 3210 went for 50p
  • The Inspiron 6400, Toshiba A60, EiSystem 3086, the two ThinkPads and the Emachines M5118 went for £12 (100GB hard drive of the Dell was kept)
  • The Optiplex GX270 has packed up and been taken to the tip, sans HDD and DVD drive. The GX240 and 260s were given away.
  • A donor was purchased for the Inspiron 1525 at £9 – this donated a caddy, palmrest, keyboard, screen supports, hinges, DVD drive, hinge cover, screws and other electrical components. Now this needs a battery, HDD and caddy, lid and bezel.

So what does that leave me with? I still have the HP dm3, Inspiron 1525, Dell D430, HP 6510b (added bonus – the battery I bought that didn’t fit the 6930p fits this), HP G62, Acer 5535 and Dell D510.

I’ve started going to auctions – look out for a post on that soon!

And onto purchases! These aren’t really in any order. Also purchased was a large bag of chargers and cloverleaf cables for £10 – most of these are your standard 19v 3.42a that fit most laptops other than Acers, but I got a 20v 3.25a for the Pi 2515 prior to selling it and a 20v 2a netbook charger too. Two Dell chargers were also acquired for £2.

Pure Chronos CD Series 2 DAB radio

This is a smart little thing – black brushed aluminium, with DAB and FM radio, an aux port, a USB port for charging devices, and a CD player too. Got it with no power supply, tested it with one from a switch I had lying around and it works fine! Was going to stump up the £12.99 Pure wanted for a new power supply, and then I found a suitable one while going through a drawer!

For reference – a power supply from a version 1 BT Home Hub will fit these and work fine! The Pure takes a 9v 1.5a PSU like a lot of DAB radios I believe – The Home Hub PSU for the version 1 at least is 9v 2a and the right connector and polarity for the Pure. The Hub this PSU belonged to was a freebie and ditched long ago.

I’m tempted to get the remote for £12.99, but seeing as I’m leaving this in the kitchen at home, a remote isn’t really necessary.
Price Paid: £2!

Sony Vaio VGN-NS10L

Complete except for RAM and keyboard. Had a hard drive in it but only a 60GB – removed it. Powers on if pressure applied to the northbridge, otherwise nope. Would potentially be worth sourcing a new motherboard for. Currently sat in my “one day…” pile.

Sony Vaio VGN-C2S

Destroyed casing and smashed screen, but boots. Can’t test very well at the moment because due to the unique way in which Sony makes their laptops, you cannot change to the external display until after POST, and by default it will POST to the laptop LCD. Missing HDD, RAM and battery. A donor will be the best route to go down for this. Currently in bits in a bag for life. One with an intact chassis but still a cracked LCD is available for around £15.

Samsung X05

This was scrap. No RAM, no hard drive, no sign of life, no battery and a cracked screen. Chucked!
Price Paid for all three: £10

Packard Bell Dot SE

Working but with a damaged screen and slightly damaged casing. No hard drive (usually these take a 250GB, of which I have a couple in!), 1GB RAM, Atom N570. It’s a fetching shade of purple, too. Plastics will cost me £12, and if I can get a screen that should be around £10. Also will need to source a charger, as these take the smaller Acer-style plug. A similar model Acer Aspire One that looked like it’d been run over was bought for £3 but gave up only a keyboard and 1GB of RAM.
Price Paid: £8

Toshiba Satellite Pro U400

This works, but needs a new lid – sadly these are quite rare so a donor may be sourced for this. 2GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive, has a webcam but no HDMI. Came with a charger too. Looked like it had took a shunt on one corner, hence the broken lid. The bezel will want replacing too, and potentially the hinges. If a donor is sourced with a good panel, this panel could go into the C2S.
Price Paid: £15

Asus X401A

This belonged to my housemate’s boyfriend. He had it new and had gone through two hard drives before giving up and replacing it with a better spec machine. I’ve put in the 500GB Momentus XT from the drive and RAM job lot. It’s a Celeron B830, with 4GB RAM and a 14″ screen. Sold via Gumtree after numerous offers of £80 which were ignored.
Price Paid: £25
Price Sold: £100
Profit: £65

Dell Inspiron 1545

I get through a lot of these! This one has a Pentium dual core T3400 running at 2.16GHz, 2GB of RAM and a matte red lid. The lid is good on this one after I cleaned it up (there was lots of sticker residue – a bit of Pledge did the trick!) and I’ve tightened the hinges. No hard drive, caddy or battery, but I stole the latter two from the 1525. Stuck in a 250GB drive, replaced a key for £2, and it’s currently up for £60.

HP Compaq 8510p

This is in really good condition! Has a T7100 Core 2 Duo at 1.8GHz, 1GB of RAM (will up this to 2), ATI graphics with a HDMI port, and again no hard drive! This one has the caddy though. I’m now out of HP chargers so I’ve ordered one (£9 as it’s a 19v as opposed to the more common 18.5v). The 120GB drive that was in the HP dm3 (which has been replaced with a 250 as it would have had) has gone in this.
Price Sold: £50
Price Paid for the pair: £40

Lenovo ThinkPad R500

Not bad condition. Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz, 2GB RAM (DDR3 – would be upped to 4) and a 250GB hard drive, and came with a Lenovo charger. Sadly, this had a fan error. Replaced it with a new one at £10, and it worked, but not for long – when on any sort of mains power it shuts off and needs all power removing before it will work again. Shame really. When it does work, the touchpad also doesn’t work. I might try a DC jack, at £4 for one, but I’m going to try and cut my losses and sell as is.
Price paid: £25

Packard Bell Dot SE

Bought as a donor for the other one, needed a keyboard and a hard drive. Got some 320GB drives off a car boot for £10 for 2, so put one of these in. The keyboard worked but the retaining clip had come off the connector – now reattached and working perfectly. Sold quickly before I had chance to install an OS!
Price Paid: £16
Price Sold: £30
Profit of £9

Dell Optiplex 320

Bought from a friend. Celeron D 3.06GHz, 1GB RAM, 80GB hard drive, was on XP. Installed 7, sold on quickly for what I paid, broke even.
Price Paid AND Sold: £10 – Break even.

HP Mini 110

Bought as a screen donor for the Packard Bell, but works. Only needs a new screen (water damaged), battery and charger to be sold. Has original hard drive (160GB) with recovery, and 1GB of faulty RAM which was replaced.
Price Paid: £8

Sony Vaio PCG-21313M

Bought as a screen donor for the HP (yes, the one that was originally a donor for the Packard Bell). One is on eBay soon with a broken screen – we’ll see if it goes for good money, if so we’ll stick the screen and any good bits off this spares one (missing keyboard, screws, hard drive and generally not great cosmetically) in that and sell that. If it doesn’t, we rip the screen out and put it in the 110.
Price Paid: £9

Emachines D620

Bought from a box of random non-working machines, but had a charge and booted when I tried it! Hinge has snapped on one side so needs a hinge (£5) and a hinge cover (also £5). Working on an 80GB drive and 1GB RAM at the moment, might be upped to 2. I have chargers in and the battery is good, but it’s rough cosmetically.
Price Paid: £10

Acer Aspire 5738

This is supposed to be the fancypants 3D model – but the screen’s broke and so is most of the casing. Came with 2GB RAM, and does POST though. Will attempt to source a screen and some casing (I’ve nicked the top half casing from the 5535 as well as the battery but it still needs a keyboard, palmrest, USB board, base, base covers, and a hard drive caddy). Normally would’ve been chucked but given the price it’s worth trying to sort it!

Also bought at the same time was an old Centrino HP laptop, which was in a similar state – this gave up a bluetooth module, battery, wifi card, and 1GB of RAM before being chucked.
Price Paid: £1