Month: September 2016

Past Stories: Adventures in OS X

This takes place in late 2012. I was browsing my usual sites, and a PowerMac G4 on Gumtree caught my eye, at £20. At that I thought it was worth a go to try out OS X, so a friend of mine who lived up the road collected it (at the time he was the only one of us that had passed his test!) and I got it home.. Not too bad a system, 1GHz single processor MDD model, worked alright. I bumped the RAM up to 1.5GB, and stuck another DVD-RW drive in, and began to use it as a workshop PC. A few weeks later, eBay threw up another one of these, with dual 866MHz processors. Won that for £1.64, went to collect (aided by dearest mother this time), got it home, oh fantastic, 3 500GB IDE drives inside it! One went in the 1GHz, one stayed in the 866MHz and one went on eBay, fetching £23. Set up the 866MHz with a spare keyboard and mouse from a lot of free stuff I had, and a 19″ Viewsonic monitor with DVI that I got with another PC for £20 (there will be a story about this soon!), and sold them for £70. Nice profit! I continued to use the 1GHz, and got an Apple keyboard for £1.

Eventually the 1GHz started to die, apparently one of the caches had packed up and it was struggling to recognise RAM a lot of the time, and I got fed up with it late 2014 and sold it to a friend for £5. The 500GB drive was still in it, but I was busy with assignments and didn’t have the time to take it out and sell it, and I only really dealt with systems with SATA from then on anyway. I got my use out of it, so I’m not too bothered. Overall, counting the money I made off the two systems, the total spend was £21.64 purchase + £1 for the keyboard (the monitor money was made back on the tower I got with it), making £70 + £5 + 20 (that’s the 23 minus eBay fees), so £95 – roughly £23 = roughly £72 profit.

Then, a few months after I sold it, I stood a car boot with the friend who I sold this to, and he managed to get £10 for it there! Since then aside from a couple of Apple USB keyboards and my work MacBook Pro, I’ve not really dabbled in Apple hardware much.