Past Stories: Adventures with a 360

A while ago, roughly around summer 2013, on a forum I frequent, I had the chance to get an AM3 motherboard alongside an AM2 board with CPU for £15. Took a punt on that, it arrived, and worked! Got 2GB of RAM for £5, used my old Athlon X2 250, put it in a good condition case I’d received a Freecycle PC in, with a 250GB hard drive I’d also got from Freecycle, an 8400GS (bought from eBay, assumed faulty as it didn’t work, got a refund, forgot about it, 7 months later checked it and it worked… I felt really bad), and a free DVD drive I had. Installed an OS, and put it up for sale. It was one of the first systems I listed on Swapz, a site I’ve never really had much success with, other than people offering me fishing equipment in exchange for a laptop or similar. Had an offer of a swap for an Xbox 360 with some accessories and games, tried to go for it, and was told he didn’t want to do the swap any more. Fair enough, not too worried. Three days later, message back, my PC blew up, can I do the swap? Yeah, sure!

Xbox arrives, and the PC goes. Modern Warfare 3 special edition Slim, 250GB. Nice! Non-original see-through controller is a bit naff, but what’s this button on the bottom do? It’s got green LEDs… To eBay! Sold that for £12. And that’s a nice wireless headset… Oh, it’s a Turtle Beach X41! Sold on eBay for £45! Games weren’t my cup of tea, sold most of them to CEX for about £8. Then bought Forza 4 and played that for a bit. Eventually, sold Forza 4 for I think £5, and then sold the Xbox around late 2013 to a friend for £80. So when you think about it, from an initial spend of £12.50, I made about £130. Nice!


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