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And so it begins…

Welcome to Sorry, No Refunds, a blog I decided to start in order to catalogue the buying and selling of various bits of tech that I do. This blog will be a mixture of things. Some posts will be about what I’m doing now, some posts will be about things I’ve done in the past and interesting stories from both my work in buying and selling, and fixing computers too.

I guess I’d better start by explaining a bit about myself. I am a second year Computer Science student at a UK university, and from a young age I’ve been obsessed with computers and various other pieces of technology. In my mid-teens I built my first PC and started fixing machines for family and friends, and somewhere along the line I caught the trading bug.

Nowadays, my spare time is filled up with trading. Back in my home town, I attend six car boot sales each week and in my university town, I attend three, and I spend a lot of time browsing for sale sites on Facebook, and Gumtree for the right devices to buy. I basically buy anything with a plug or that takes batteries (and that cannot be found on the shelves of Ann Summers…), but primarily I buy laptops, desktops and phones. However, if I think I can make a profit on it, I’ll buy it. And usually for a dirt cheap price. I will haggle on anything and everything. If I could haggle at the till in Asda each week I probably would.

From there, it’s a case of either fix it up to sell on, keep it (this happens more often than it should…), break for parts or sometimes, a pile accumulates next to the pickaxe currently kept in the back garden. You would be surprised how much stress relief can be had from driving a pickaxe through a scrapped Fujitsu Lifebook. The final stage is that of wading through the sea of idiots that seem to populate some selling sites (“50£ KOLEKT 2NITE M8?” texts on £150 items are not uncommon) to sell the items, hopefully for a decent profit. From there, either the money gets spent on more tech, or on grown up things, like food, rent or petrol.

So that was just a brief background of what I do, and as for why I do it?… I find it fun, mostly relaxing (note: mostly!), and it gives me something to do that earns me money. A friend of mine suggested I start writing this as he thought people would be interested in reading it. Well, here it is. Let me know what you guys think. I will soon start posting about my current ‘projects’, and some of my bigger successes (and failures… let’s be honest, that’s what you wanted to read, right?) over the years, as well as some hopefully funny anecdotes. Stick with it, it’ll probably be a bit shit at first…