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Tales from the Car Boot: Vaio, Vaio, Daylight come and we don’t wanna go home

This is an old post I wrote in March and never properly finished, so here it is now for your viewing pleasure.

Well, guess from the title what I bought that week? Yep, that’s right, a Toshiba and an Acer. Oh, a Sony too.

Toshiba L300-22X

Pretty standard fare, this. Celeron dual core, 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive (which was dead, so was replaced with a new one at £10), but mint plastics, the webcam model, and a good battery mean I should make decent money on this. Came with a cracked LCD, so I swapped in a spare 15.4″ (I have loads of these from scrapped machines so it’s no biggie).
Price Paid: £10
Price Sold: £50
Profit: around £25 if you count the cost of the charger and not the screen

Acer Aspire 2920

Pretty awful buy. Has various bits of damage I can’t be bothered or can’t fix, such as a buggered battery (it claims the capacity when full is 14 times that of what it can actually hold), smashed headphone jack, some damage to the palmrest and hinge covers, and 3 missing keys (which are expensive to replace – I have to order them in from Poland!), but does run OK, has a Core 2 Duo T5450, 2GB RAM and a 120GB hard drive with intact recovery partition for Vista. Restoring to factory and listing as soon as I decide what to do with the key situation.

UPDATE: As of now, this is still sat in my storage pile. The odds of anything other than maybe the keys being sorted are low at best. Its charger has been sold with something else.
Price Paid: £7 (inc charger)

Tesco Hudl 1 (purple)

This was a chance. Powered on to a flat battery sign, but wouldn’t charge. These are known for USB port failure, so I changed the USB board. No joy. Changed the cable between the motherboard and USB board, and it worked fine. Cost me £4 for the board and £5 for the cable. Came with a tatty folding case. Runs Jelly Bean, not too bad as a tablet actually, quicker than I expected it to be.
Price Paid: £5
Price Sold: £25
Profit: £11

And now, the highlight…

Sony Vaio F11S1E (PCG-81112M)

A pretty powerful machine! This had an i7-720QM quad core processor, 6GB of RAM, an Nvidia GT330 GPU, a 500GB drive, a Bluray drive and a full HD screen! Bought for spares with a broken DC jack, but I couldn’t help but test it – turns out most Vaios of this era take the same battery, namely the PCG-21313M I had in (Now scrapped!), so I charged the battery in that, and put it in, and what do you know, it worked perfectly! Restored it back to factory and updated it while waiting for the DC jack to arrive (thankfully not soldered! £5 part, but a pain in the arse to fit), and sold it a week later! I think this is my best profit yet on a single item, the closest I’ve ever got was £100ish on a Toshiba C660 back when they were a bit newer.
Price Paid: £30 (!)
Price Sold: £200 (!!)
Profit: around £160 (assuming £5 for the charger I had in stock) (!!!)



Tales from the Car Boot: Christmas Booting

This takes place a couple of Christmases ago, when I went back home. One of the boots I attend when I’m back at home is an indoor boot that only runs in the colder months of the year.

The boot itself is primarily traders, although there are a few stands run by your average Joe. Stalls are spread across two (sometimes, when it’s warmer and busier, three) floors of what I can only assume is a dilapidated warehouse of some form. It isn’t uncommon to dodge buckets in the middle of the aisle, strategically placed to catch drips from the leaky roof. It’s a strange atmosphere but there are some bargains to be had here, so when I can (and usually when my outdoor boots are called off due to weather) I take a trip down.

One such Sunday morning after Christmas, I braved the treacherous conditions and drove down to this boot. All you need to know about the journey there is that I’d never driven in snow and ice before, and thank god my car has ABS or I’d have probably been hit by a bus en route. I encountered a stand full of phones, games consoles and laptop bits, the usual hallmarks of a trader.

Piled on a table were two stacks of about 5 laptops each. Naturally I had a rummage through, and three machines caught my eye: An MSI netbook with a detached hinge and hideous stickers on the lid, a Sony Vaio which had one of the most destroyed keyboards I’ve seen and I later learned, a cracked LCD, and a smart little Lenovo ThinkPad X60. I have a soft spot for these little ThinkPads, I once acquired an X31 missing its top half, so I duly bought one, and my mother used it for about 2 years or so before I sold it on. With some bartering, I got the Vaio for £10 and the MSI for £5. I left the ThinkPad for that week, as it was priced at £25 and was untested. My intention was to fix up the Vaio and steal the hard drive and RAM from the MSI for another machine I had in stock.

Back in the safety of home and armed with screwdrivers and coffee, I set to work seeing what could be done. The Vaio, despite being marked as untested, appeared to work other than its original faults, and it eventually booted into its XP installation with an external monitor hooked up. Not the quickest machine in the world, but a 1.66GHz Pentium dual core with 1GB RAM and a 100GB hard drive would still have netted me a good £50-70. Bonus points for the DVD-rewriter, webcam and battery that held a charge would have ensured the higher end of that estimate.

However, eBay revealed that the cost of a keyboard would be about £30-40, and the screen a similar amount. The MSI was a similar crapshoot, due to soldered RAM, but this gave up its 160GB hard drive for the other machine (an Acer Aspire 5920, see next paragraph!) and was then given to one of my contacts in my uni town alongside another machine, funnily enough, the same Acer!

While I remember, I’ll write about the 5920. This was bought from a uni town car boot for £10 missing its RAM and hard drive. 2GB was put in, alongside the 160GB drive, and was sold for £50 to a contact of mine. It then died, but this wasn’t picked up on until a long while after. As I’m not a total bastard, I refunded him £40 and let him keep the rest for spares.

I went back the next week, after New Year’s, to see if I could get a machine with a donor screen for the Vaio, and to see what I could do about the price on the ThinkPad. Previously I had seen some 15.4″ HPs in the pile that could have donated screens, but before I could look for those I spotted a couple of new additions in the pile, so went straight for them. One was a Packard Bell, 15.4″, with a severely gouged lid and in need of a damn good clean, marked as untested. I took a punt on that, and negotiated down to £10 from £20 after giving the seller an endorsement while she was attempting to sell an Xbox to an unsure buyer. I then managed to get the ThinkPad down to £15.

Back home, and problem one: My universal charger doesn’t fit the ThinkPad, I can’t test it. Shit. This is the first laptop in the 4 years I’ve owned the charger that I couldn’t use it on. As a sidenote, that universal charger was the best £10 I ever spent. Yes, £10, bought it from Ebuyer, Xenta own brand one, never let me down until that moment! But wait, it fits the Packard Bell… for kicks, let’s turn it on shall we? Oh. It works perfectly and after a wipe down, aside from the lid is in pretty good condition. Sure, it’s a Vista laptop running 1GB of RAM, why manufacturers thought this would be acceptable I will never know, and it’s only an 80GB hard drive, but the condition and the hour-long battery life made it a good candidate to sell on.

Back at university, and oh look, in my spares box is a charger for the Packard Bell. Paid around £5 for the charger in a lot of them on a boot a few months prior. My usual contact, new custodian of the MSI and the previously mentioned Acer, agreed to swap the Vaio for a charger that would fit the ThinkPad, so this deal was done, and the ThinkPad turned out to be fully working as well! The slow 40GB drive with XP Pro was removed and replaced with a spare 60GB I had from a stripped machine, the RAM was upped from 1 to 2GB thanks to some cheap sticks of DDR2 at our local CEX store, and Windows was loaded on. The machine later sold for £60 to a grateful lady who collected.

The Packard Bell sold a few weeks later for £30 to a lowballing Gumtreer. I had it listed at £50, but given the condition of the lid and the low specs, £50 was a bit of a long shot anyway.

Total Profits made:
Vaio –  £10 = Breakeven (swapped for charger worth roughly £10)
ThinkPad – £15 + £4 for the RAM, £10 item swapped for charger, sold for £60 = £29 spend, £31 profit
MSI – £5 = £5 loss, given away after HDD removed.
Packard Bell – £10 + £5 for the charger, sold for £30 = £15 spend, £15 profit
Total spend across all four machines was £59, total made was £90, so an overall profit of £31. Not too shabby for four laptops another trader had pretty much discarded!

And as for the Acer, £10 purchase price, £5 for the HDD (effectively the price of the MSI), £5 for a hard drive caddy, £10 for a charger, sold for £50 = £30 spend, £20 profit. Let’s ignore the fact that it died shortly after selling and I ended up refunding £40!

Current Stock: Boredom induced buys and Car Boot Results + Video!

First things first, I did a video blog! This was recorded before Thursday’s boot and before I diagnosed the problem with the first item in today’s post, the C50D. Have a watch, share, comment, whatever! This particular video will cover things I bought in the rest of this post!

I also did a boot on Thursday. It intermittently rained and I had a cold, but some sales were made!

  • The Dell Inspiron 1545 and the Acer Extensa 5220 sold for £60. The Dell owed me £45, and the Acer owed me £10, so this is a profit of £5. Nothing big, but they’re out of the way now!
  • The Dell Dimension 9150 sold for £20. This owed me £3 (after I gave away the custom tower it came with and sold the other for £10 – plus a DVD drive I was given with them for £2), so £17 profit
  • A 1st gen iPod touch that was faulty and was part exchanged with me for the Dell 5150 was sold for £3.
  • The remains of the Dell Mini 910 went for £3. Total of £7 made across this and the MSI U130 I purchased at the same time (£5 from the MSI, £3 from the Dell – £1 on a screen cable I tried to fix it with). I still have the 16GB SSD to sell on eBay at some point, too.
  • The RAC sat nav sold for 50p. Overall on the two sat navs, I made £1.50 and got £50 worth of windscreen mount and £20 of car charger for my own sat nav.
  • The Nokia 7600 at the bottom of this post went for £1.
  • A horrid Airwalk wallet I had lying around for £1.50.

Total made was £89, of which when you take out the pitch fees, £22 profit overall. I’ve had better days, but I’ve freed up cash to sort out other machines with (and because all my towers are now gone, I’ve freed up space too!).

I also sold the Fujitsu D9510 for £70 the day after the boot! Cost of laptop is covered, £15 for the hard drive, £10 for the caddy, and I can’t remember how much the charger cost so let’s say £5, so total cost £30, total profit £40. Total profit on that lot of laptops it came in is now £134, with the V5535 and if it ever lives again, the Inspiron 1525 left to sell. Good ready to go machines wise, I’m left with some of the below purchases and the V5535.

I’ve only been home for a week, and yet have still managed to buy 4 laptops!

Toshiba Satellite C50D-A-138


Advertised as untested with no hard drive. Chucked a spare 80GB drive in to test it, reseated the RAM and off it went! Keyboard wants a good clean, and I managed to sort an issue where the laptop wouldn’t boot with a battery in it – the issue was corrosion on the battery terminals – once cleaned up, seems to work fine!

AMD E1-2100 processor in this, useless things they are! 2GB RAM, may get upgraded to 4 at some point, and I’ll need a 500GB drive for it. Will also need to purchase a charger, though for the time being I can use my own C850’s charger.

Acer Extensa 5235


Less good. Cracked LCD, missing several keys (I do have a spare keyboard from the Acer 5536 that will fit this) and the battery. Only 1GB of RAM too, and a 2.2GHz Celeron 900, but doesn’t power up. However, this was advertised without a hard drive, opened it up and ta da! 160GB drive inside. The remains will be thrown.

Price Paid: £10 (Yes, £10!)

HP Elitebook 6930p


This has been bought so that I can make one good one out of two. Keyboard had to be repaired – one was missing two keys and had some faulty keys, one works but needed one key and was bent from where someone appeared to have punched it! One good one has been made. Battery’s dead, and I haven’t got a spare, but at least it’s present.

Came with 2GB RAM (I’ve upped this to 4) and a dead 160GB HDD, alongside a Core 2 Duo P8600 at 2.4GHz. This has the added bonus of ATI HD 3450 graphics. I’ve stuck the Extensa’s 160GB drive in this and have loaded 7 on. I am considering retrofitting a webcam and a Bluetooth module, but I can’t be bothered fitting a WWAN card. I have a genuine HP charger in stock, too!

Price Paid: £20

A couple of phones up next!

Nokia 7600 and 3210


These were a spur of the moment buy alongside a 19v 4.74a charger (suitable for Toshiba, Advent, Medion, etc) and a 20v 3.25a charger (which is being paired with the Pi 2515 when I remember to order a lid!). The 3210 has a battery that doesn’t charge, the 7600 has no battery. The 7600 also had a slightly damaged fascia. The 7600 went for £1, so the rest only owes me £2 now.
Price Paid: £3 (inc two chargers)

Next, Bank Holiday Monday’s only buy! You might have seen this on the Twitter feed!

Toshiba Satellite L500-11V


Excuse the picture (and the amount of rubbish that can be seen in the passenger side of my car!) but as I write this I feel like crap and can’t be bothered to get out of bed to take a picture, so I stole this one shamelessly from the Twitter feed!

This was from a house clearance stall and looked rough as anything. The plastics are damaged, and the DC jack was pushed in (this is not a soldered jack so this is less of an issue than it appears to be). Reseated the DC jack, and ta da, it works! Cracked LCD though. I noticed when removing it that it was the same model as the faulty one out of the blue 1545. Some Frankenstein shit happened, and I had a working panel out of the two (swapped the glass from the good one with the crap backlight onto the broken one with the good backlight). I replaced the missing keycap with one off of a ruined keyboard from an L350. Cleaned it up a bit, restored it back to factory (the 250GB hard drive and 3GB of RAM were still inside, with the original recovery partition for Vista, alongside the 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo processor), and it’s ready to go! Should fetch £50 to £60, more if it wasn’t in such appalling condition.

Price Paid: £10

Results from yesterday’s car boot and updates

So I decided to stand a boot last Saturday, as it would be my last chance to do so before moving back home for the summer (I’m packing as I write this!), and the less I have to try and cram in my car to take home the better! Sales were as follows:

HP nx6125 – Cost £8 for the laptop, £5.60 for hard drive caddy/cover, £2 for charger/cloverleaf cable. Total £15.60 spent. Sold for £30, profit of £14.40 (this does not take into account the HP nx6110 and Elitebook 6930p that were purchased in the same lot)
Fujitsu V5535 – Cost £3 for the HDD caddy, £15 for the hard drive (250GB). Total £18 spent. Sold for £45, profit of £27. On the job lot of 7 laptops that this came from, we are now at a profit of £94, with the other V5535 and the D9510 to go (also the Inspiron 1525 but that’s going nowhere any time soon!)
TomTom Go LIVE 550 – Cost £4 for the sat nav. Sold for £5, profit of £1 (not taking into consideration the RAC sat nav in the same lot, and the windscreen mount and car charger I robbed off it for my sat nav.
Stone desktop PC – Cost £20 for the system, £5 for the 500GB hard drive (I swapped out the 250 it came with to put in the Dell 9150). Total £25 spent. Sold for £50, profit of £25.
Fujitsu PC case – I never got chance to write about this. Cost 50p. Sold for £3, £2.50 profit.

Total made is £133, profit of £69.90. This left us with the other V5535, D9510, Extensa 5220, and Advent 7211 that are working ready to go machines, as well as the Dell 9150.

Between then and now, the blue Dell 1545 has been made ready to go. How, you ask? Well, the 160GB hard drive from the red one wasn’t actually faulty when tested properly! So I’ve stuck this in it, nicking the HDD caddy from the 1525 I have in. I had a charger in stock too. The screen was sourced from another laptop, an Acer 5535, which I bought from one of my housemates for £20 as not booting with no hard drive. Works perfectly, which is surprising, as I know with some Dells you have to get a screen with a Dell P/N or the brightness doesn’t work as intended. The laptop still has a genuine Acer charger, 3GB of RAM, a new keyboard and other bits that it can give up, too!

Finally, a couple of small sales, I sold an old PC case I didn’t want for £10, and the Advent 7211 went for £25. This originally cost £3, sold for £10, was given back to me for free (well, taken out of a bin!), £3 for bezel, £5 for a base. The sum total of this is that it owed me £1, therefore £24 profit!

There’ll be no boots for the next couple of weeks, as I’ve got some busy weekends ahead and need to shift a bit of stock first! I do have some pre-written stories from the past that I will likely post every now and again. Once I get back into booting, I’m really thinking about starting to do vlogs on YouTube and sharing them here. Is this something people would be interested in? Let me know!

Tales from the Car Boot: Inspirons and Updates

First things first, the Dell Dimension 5150 has left us. Sold for £10 plus an iPod touch (which doesn’t work and will be scrapped), which means I need to make another £5 on the 9150 and the other desktop PC I got with them. Honestly, I need the space so this isn’t too bad. At some point I’ll sort out a hard drive for the 9150 (Current plan is to clone the 250GB currently in my second PC to another HDD, and put the 250 in the 9150), install an OS and get it gone.

Assignments are over, and aside from a couple of exams this brings an end to my second year of university. This means I’ll have a lot more time to dedicate to buying, selling, and blogging! A large amount of parts have been purchased to complete machines, so I’ll list what’s been bought below.

  • Acer Extensa 5220 – New palmrest and base plastics
  • Acer Aspire 9300 – New palmrest
  • Dell Mini 910 – Screen cable, which didn’t fix it. I’ve removed the RAM and the 16GB mini PCI-E SSD from it, will sell the SSD. May also nick the 3G card off it.
  • Fujitsu D9510 – HDD caddy
  • Fujitsu V5535 – HDD caddies
  • Advent 7211 – base plastics
  • HP Compaq nx6125 – base covers and HDD caddy (stole the screen from the nx6110)

Still left over to buy are donors for the Inspiron 1525, 6510b, 6930p, the blue 1545 mentioned below, and a lid for the Fujitsu Pi2515 (which again will likely wait until I have a charger). Other donors that may be purchased include one for the Inspiron 6000, 6400 and the Latitude D510s. Another couple of items that may be looked for are chargers for the Emachines M5118, Advent 8109 and Toshiba A60.

As things stand,  the Acer 9300 sold for £30 (total spent £10, £20 profit, on the job lot of 7 it came from we’re now at £67 profit with the 3 Fujitsus and the Inspiron 1525 left to sell), the two V5535s are almost ready for sale, although they both need chargers as the one I bought doesn’t work, the 7211, D9510 and nx6125 are going up for sale as soon as they’ve finished doing updates, and as soon as the palmrest arrives for the Extensa, that will be going too (the base is already here. Some other machines I no longer need (Dell D410, Sony PCG-GRX316MP, Acer 5100s, Acer 7520, HP G62, and what’s left of the Mini 910) are up for sale as spares machines. Everything else will either be done up or sold as is, as I’m preparing to clear out as much as I can prior to moving back home later this month!

So, a week or two ago, it was assignment week and it was a nice day, so I decided to take a break and head to my usual Wednesday boot (possibly in an attempt at procrastination) and picked up these!

Dell Inspiron 1545

A smart little machine, with its glossy blue lid, a Core 2 Duo T5800 2GHz, 3GB RAM (now 2GB), no hard drive, a cracked bezel and no charger with it. Screen lights up for a couple of seconds then goes off. Another inverter doesn’t fix the issue, so likely a screen fault. I don’t have any spare ones in (this takes 15.6″ LCD not LED), but I may have a way of getting one.
Price Paid: £20

Office Home and Student 2007

I pick these up all the time when I can. People think they’re not worth a lot, but I’ve had £50 and £60 on eBay for them in the past. This is currently listed, anything it achieves I’ll be happy with. I’ll be listing it as soon as I get chance to pop into town and get some envelopes from the pound shop.
Price Paid: £3

And then on the Saturday, I got this.

Dell Inspiron 1545

I paid too much really but it was OK! Pentium dual core, 2GHz, 3GB RAM, a dead 160GB hard drive (I will attempt to revive it though), no charger. The glossy red lid was cracked too. Upped to 4GB RAM out of the other 1545. New lid (in the right red, but matte not glossy), a non-camera bezel (this one has a camera so the bezel will go on the other one) and a set of hinges, £5 new due to a pricing error on eBay! I tried the inverter from this in the other one, no dice, so the other one wants a screen. Oh well, 320GB comes out of that, and into this alongside the extended battery (a less good regular but genuine Dell battery goes into the other one!), which gets the new lid and the existing bezel. Total spend of £5 for the charger, £5 for the lid, £5 for the HDD, equalling £55. Sold the other day through Gumtree.
Price Paid: £40
Price Sold: £100
Profit: £45

Tales from the Car Boot: A Foursome from Home

First, updates! The Asus barebones PC has sold, for a combination of £20 cash and £20 gift voucher for a certain chain of restaurants, which is valid (I’ve checked!), so that means a £30 profit (technically, £10, but I’d go to this restaurant anyway). Another sale was the Packard Bell EasyNote R1004, which sadly since being in storage has suffered from almost complete failure of the DC jack. A friend purchased it for £10 for a video for a project in which it was attacked with a hammer. Surviving the attack were the hard drive and RAM, which were returned to me. Overall, a loss on that laptop and the lot it came from, as I haven’t done anything with the Inspiron 6400 yet, but you win some, you lose some.

The Compaq 6510b was dug out of storage for its battery for one of today’s items, and I noticed that it did happen to have a power button, just one that was recessed! So, I tested it, and it works! The screen, although gouged a bit, is good, and it booted to an Ubuntu USB and worked pretty well to say it’s a 1.83GHz Celeron! Will likely do this up, and I have some spare Core 2 Duos, which if it takes, I will fit. Other than that, it will need a battery, some covers for the base, an optical drive, keyboard and hinge covers, as well as a good clean up. It is probably going to work out cheaper to acquire a donor.

The Dell D510s were dug out of storage too, and I discovered that what I thought was faulty graphics on one was actually a faulty screen. Now, I’m after a keyboard, a 15″ screen, and a 14″ lid, and then I’ll be able to get both of them gone as good working machines instead of just one!

I went home for Easter, so I attended my usual Saturday afternoon and Sunday boots (well, two of them, I had a cold, please take pity on me). Nothing much on Saturday’s sodden excuse for a car boot field (a CD wallet to replace mine that went walkies for 50p, and a Coca-Cola napkin holder for £1 to appease the parentals), and to add insult, most of the cars got stuck in the sludgefest car park when trying to leave, mine included! Here’s Sunday’s buys though (excuse the lack of pictures!):

Dell Latitude D410
Not in too bad a condition. Stickers indicate it’s a Pentium M, and it has 1.25GB of DDR2 RAM and a 40GB IDE drive. The hinges are a bit floppy but other than that it seems to be in OK condition. Powers briefly but that’s it. Battery seems to work though.
Price Paid: £1

Next, a set of HP laptops.

HP EliteBook 6930p
Screen looks to be damaged, and it’s claiming a RAM fault despite trying known good sticks. Missing hard drive and battery.  Also missing 2 keys and has a faulty lid latch, but has cleaned up OK. 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo with a fingerprint reader. Will be sold on for spares.

HP Compaq nx6125
Missing a few bits, hard drive, cover and battery (I fitted the 6510b battery to this). Works well, 2GHz AMD Turion single core, came with 512MB RAM (which I’ve doubled with a spare stick of 512 I had in). One issue, the screen resembles a Paul Smith design, stripes everywhere, so that will want replacing, which seeing as it’s a 1400×1050 hi-res model as opposed to the usual 1024×768 ones, is a pain. With an 80GB IDE drive I had spare fitted, it runs 7 quite well. Will want a screen and the HDD caddy/cover. Once the nx6110 is gone, this will be focused on.

HP Compaq nx6110
Complete, it’s a 1.5GHz Celeron M, with 512MB RAM (256 of which was faulty and has been replaced) and a 40GB hard drive that inexplicably has Windows 98 installed instead of the usual XP! A reinstall should do the trick on this one as other than the OS it seems to be working fine, and I happen to have a charger in stock (I might even have a couple!), so the fact that this only needs a CMOS battery (£4-5), means it’s going to be done up as soon as and sold. In an ideal world I’d like around £40 for it, but for a quick sale I’ll take anything north of £20.
Price Paid: £8

Other items purchased include a Fujitsu 20v 3.25a charger for £2.50, which will go with the better of the two V5535s, two LiteOn 19v 3.42a chargers (Acer fitment) for 50p a pop, a pair of Microsoft USB keyboards (a Wired Keyboard 600 and a Comfort Curve 2000) for £1 a pop, and a bunch of sat navs:

TomTom Go 550 LIVE
Same as my 750 LIVE that I got the other month. No sign of life whatsoever, but it came with the windscreen mount and car charger (worth £50 and £20 respectively), so I shall steal these for mine and sell on the 550 for spares.

RAC Sat Nav
This has no windscreen mount or car charger, but works. Will be wiped and put on the boots probably, might get £5 – £15 for it. While writing this post I realised that I have a mount for it, so I might bother finding a charger.
Price Paid: £4

Should be more news soon, but it’s currently assignment hand-in period, so all efforts are going to that, so don’t expect many posts this month, but I’ll see what I can do!

Tales from the Car Boot: Adventures Down South

This week’s been a busy one, so here’s a post on some of my previous escapades! Sorry for the lack of pictures, and there’ll be an update on some towers I’ve bought soon!

One weekend last summer, it was decided that the family would go on a trip away to my uncle’s, which can only be described as being ‘in the south’. Being a sad, and mildly addicted to booting, I went online and had a look to see if there were any decent boots going off near his place, and come Sunday morning I was off on a short journey to a nearby boot.

I’d been warned that they may not be as good as the more Northern boots I was used to, but that didn’t put me off. First row, what do I spot in that box, why it appears to be a widescreen Dell monitor. Sorry, did you say £5? Sold! A few rows later, I spot some landline phones, decent BT ones with an answer machine. £3? Sold! Further down that row, Superdry-style record bag, £1.50? Aye, go on. Last stand before I walk back to the car, is that a wall mountable LED sign, as you’d see in a shop window, with the words Rock N Roll on it? That’ll earn me brownie points with the 50’s obsessed parents. £3.50? Sold!

As for making money, the monitor, which later I discovered was a Dell E2020, a fairly basic VGA-only 1600×900 monitor, went for £35 back home. The sign was given to my parents, as apparently, I have to be nice to them sometimes. The bag has been kept, and the phones, a twin set of BT Studio Plus 5400s, are currently in use at my uni house, and should sell for about £10-15 if I don’t need them in next year’s house