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Freebie Adventures: A Summary of Stuff, Part 1

Freebie Adventures: A Summary of Stuff, Part 1

I’ve had so much off of Freecycle, Freegle, similar sites and things I’ve been given by family and friends over the years, so I’ve decided to write a post about some of the better things I’ve had for free. One thing I will say is if people do choose to use these sites, give back a bit as well, don’t just take! Sure, I may have had a lot of things but I have given away things that are no longer of any use to me on these sites as well, such as furniture and other bits and bobs. Most of the ones written about here were before I could drive, so dad’s taxi was put to good use to fetch some of these!

This may become a series, as I have had so much from these sites and if I wrote about everything at once you’d all be here forever!

  • Dell E171FP – One of the first things I had from Freecycle. Almost a 30 mile round trip, but this was around 2009, so still sort of worth doing for this. Was in great condition, and was initially used as a HTPC screen in my room hooked up to another Freecycle machine (more on this one in another post). When I got my workshop (aka an 8×6 re-purposed shed, which I will write about one day!), it was relegated to there. After 18 months, a leak in my workshop roof damaged this, so none of the buttons worked any more. Kept using it for a couple of months after that until one day it just stopped working. Was promptly thrown away, but I had my use out of it.
  • Two cages of stuff – This was late 2011. A friend of my mothers had an electrical business that he was winding down, and offered some leftover items to me. Off we went in father’s car (rather irritatingly, he’d just gotten rid of his estate!), not knowing how much there would be to collect. Two metal cages full of stuff greeted us, a good mix of systems, parts, cables and about 6 CRT monitors. We ended up filling the car and having to go back another day! Most of the monitors were disposed of, I believe I stuck one or two on Freecycle. Highlights included a Compaq D530, later sold for £60 to a friend’s parents to replace their much older desktop, a 3Com 24-port switch, which got workshop use until the same leak that killed the Dell’s buttons killed it, and a boat load of cables, including a box full of Ethernet cables that I still haven’t managed to use up to this day! I’ve had a phone call just the other week to say that the guy has some more stuff if I want it. Not entirely sure what age it will be but will likely go and look.
  • Dell Inspiron 1545 – This was in late 2012. It was a lot further away than I’d usually travel, being a 40 mile round trip, and the listing only said Dell Inspiron with no hard drive, but that weekend I had to travel past that address for a university open day, so we took a slight detour to collect the machine. And it was well worth it! 3GB RAM, admittedly no hard drive but the caddy was included, a 2GHz Pentium dual core, and other than a damaged bezel (which seeing as I replaced it twice before selling it, I think is a common problem!), was in decent condition. Stuck in a spare 250GB drive, and kept it for myself for a while, ended up replacing the keyboard and the wireless card, before selling to a friend in early 2014 for £100. As far as I’m aware, it isn’t in use any more, but said friend does still own it.
  • Tiny P4 desktop PC – This was in about 2011. Freecycle lot, which my father was sent to collect. It would have been well specced when new, had a 3GHz Pentium 4 (which may or may not have had HT, I forget), 1GB RAM, 2 200GB Seagate SATA drives, 2 DVD rewriters, some Coolermaster Musketeer gauges in front, and a card reader too. Was used as a workshop rig for a bit, until the board stopped recognising hard drives any more. Various parts of it were reused in the end, the last to go was its case, which housed a system I sold in late 2014. Somewhere at home, I still have the Musketeer, I need to solder one of the cables after I accidentally cut them undoing some cable ties.
  • Another large lot of things – This was in early 2011. Man that was a good year, now I look back at things! Someone nearby was giving away a large lot of things, so father was borrowed along with his estate, and we went to pick things up. It was a relatively poor lot, and had I known what was in it, I’d probably not have bothered. I managed to get some cables and peripherals out of it, and a couple of computer cases, but most of the machines included were too old and non-functional. Lots of things such as dead subwoofers and other dead components in this lot. One working machine was a HP Pavilion 7906, with a massive 800MHz Celeron.. Got sold for around £15 to £20 when I added a hard drive.

I’ll be back, soon!

I have really, really neglected this. I’ve now finished my degree but am insane enough to go on for a Master’s, so I’ll probably end up preoccupied again. I want to get the videos going again, but need to find a cheap tripod before I can properly do this. Add to that that filming/storage space at home is pretty tight, and I don’t move into my new place until September, and it all adds up to “Don’t expect much”.

I have a boatload of drafts which I’m tidying up and will upload over the next few weeks as well as hopefully some new content. I’m not going to the auctions at all at the moment, and I’m hardly doing the boots either, instead preferring to spend my Sunday mornings wondering what the hell I did on Saturday night and why my head hurts so much.