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Current Stock: Boredom induced buys and Car Boot Results + Video!

First things first, I did a video blog! This was recorded before Thursday’s boot and before I diagnosed the problem with the first item in today’s post, the C50D. Have a watch, share, comment, whatever! This particular video will cover things I bought in the rest of this post!

I also did a boot on Thursday. It intermittently rained and I had a cold, but some sales were made!

  • The Dell Inspiron 1545 and the Acer Extensa 5220 sold for £60. The Dell owed me £45, and the Acer owed me £10, so this is a profit of £5. Nothing big, but they’re out of the way now!
  • The Dell Dimension 9150 sold for £20. This owed me £3 (after I gave away the custom tower it came with and sold the other for £10 – plus a DVD drive I was given with them for £2), so £17 profit
  • A 1st gen iPod touch that was faulty and was part exchanged with me for the Dell 5150 was sold for £3.
  • The remains of the Dell Mini 910 went for £3. Total of £7 made across this and the MSI U130 I purchased at the same time (£5 from the MSI, £3 from the Dell – £1 on a screen cable I tried to fix it with). I still have the 16GB SSD to sell on eBay at some point, too.
  • The RAC sat nav sold for 50p. Overall on the two sat navs, I made £1.50 and got £50 worth of windscreen mount and £20 of car charger for my own sat nav.
  • The Nokia 7600 at the bottom of this post went for £1.
  • A horrid Airwalk wallet I had lying around for £1.50.

Total made was £89, of which when you take out the pitch fees, £22 profit overall. I’ve had better days, but I’ve freed up cash to sort out other machines with (and because all my towers are now gone, I’ve freed up space too!).

I also sold the Fujitsu D9510 for £70 the day after the boot! Cost of laptop is covered, £15 for the hard drive, £10 for the caddy, and I can’t remember how much the charger cost so let’s say £5, so total cost £30, total profit £40. Total profit on that lot of laptops it came in is now £134, with the V5535 and if it ever lives again, the Inspiron 1525 left to sell. Good ready to go machines wise, I’m left with some of the below purchases and the V5535.

I’ve only been home for a week, and yet have still managed to buy 4 laptops!

Toshiba Satellite C50D-A-138


Advertised as untested with no hard drive. Chucked a spare 80GB drive in to test it, reseated the RAM and off it went! Keyboard wants a good clean, and I managed to sort an issue where the laptop wouldn’t boot with a battery in it – the issue was corrosion on the battery terminals – once cleaned up, seems to work fine!

AMD E1-2100 processor in this, useless things they are! 2GB RAM, may get upgraded to 4 at some point, and I’ll need a 500GB drive for it. Will also need to purchase a charger, though for the time being I can use my own C850’s charger.

Acer Extensa 5235


Less good. Cracked LCD, missing several keys (I do have a spare keyboard from the Acer 5536 that will fit this) and the battery. Only 1GB of RAM too, and a 2.2GHz Celeron 900, but doesn’t power up. However, this was advertised without a hard drive, opened it up and ta da! 160GB drive inside. The remains will be thrown.

Price Paid: £10 (Yes, £10!)

HP Elitebook 6930p


This has been bought so that I can make one good one out of two. Keyboard had to be repaired – one was missing two keys and had some faulty keys, one works but needed one key and was bent from where someone appeared to have punched it! One good one has been made. Battery’s dead, and I haven’t got a spare, but at least it’s present.

Came with 2GB RAM (I’ve upped this to 4) and a dead 160GB HDD, alongside a Core 2 Duo P8600 at 2.4GHz. This has the added bonus of ATI HD 3450 graphics. I’ve stuck the Extensa’s 160GB drive in this and have loaded 7 on. I am considering retrofitting a webcam and a Bluetooth module, but I can’t be bothered fitting a WWAN card. I have a genuine HP charger in stock, too!

Price Paid: £20

A couple of phones up next!

Nokia 7600 and 3210


These were a spur of the moment buy alongside a 19v 4.74a charger (suitable for Toshiba, Advent, Medion, etc) and a 20v 3.25a charger (which is being paired with the Pi 2515 when I remember to order a lid!). The 3210 has a battery that doesn’t charge, the 7600 has no battery. The 7600 also had a slightly damaged fascia. The 7600 went for £1, so the rest only owes me £2 now.
Price Paid: £3 (inc two chargers)

Next, Bank Holiday Monday’s only buy! You might have seen this on the Twitter feed!

Toshiba Satellite L500-11V


Excuse the picture (and the amount of rubbish that can be seen in the passenger side of my car!) but as I write this I feel like crap and can’t be bothered to get out of bed to take a picture, so I stole this one shamelessly from the Twitter feed!

This was from a house clearance stall and looked rough as anything. The plastics are damaged, and the DC jack was pushed in (this is not a soldered jack so this is less of an issue than it appears to be). Reseated the DC jack, and ta da, it works! Cracked LCD though. I noticed when removing it that it was the same model as the faulty one out of the blue 1545. Some Frankenstein shit happened, and I had a working panel out of the two (swapped the glass from the good one with the crap backlight onto the broken one with the good backlight). I replaced the missing keycap with one off of a ruined keyboard from an L350. Cleaned it up a bit, restored it back to factory (the 250GB hard drive and 3GB of RAM were still inside, with the original recovery partition for Vista, alongside the 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo processor), and it’s ready to go! Should fetch £50 to £60, more if it wasn’t in such appalling condition.

Price Paid: £10


Results from today’s car boot stall

I’ve just finished unloading the car and counting the cash, and this is what we’ve sold:

  • Vaio S48GP – £30, £10 profit
  • Vaio NR38S – £15, £7 profit
  • HP dv6710ea, nx9105, zd7143ea, Advent 9212 and Dell 6000 – £30, £2 loss overall
  • Samsung R510 – £29.20, £28.20 profit (Total on the lot this was part of so far stands at £78.70 profit with the Kindle still to sell)
  • MSI U135 – £20, £1.30 profit
  • Comtrend powerline adapters – £5, £3 profit
  • Logitech webcam – £1, £1 profit
  • Kids keyboard and mouse set – £3, £3 profit
  • iPod nano – £3, £12 loss (was broken anyway!)
  • Fujitsu V2055 – £25, £20 profit
  • TomTom One V1 – £8, £1 profit (but I have had 18 months of use out of it!

Overall total made today is £169.20. The overall profit, minus the £7 standing fee is £53.50. I won’t count the cost of the tables or tarpaulin as I can use these again.

So, what’s left? The Toshiba A120, the Packard Bell EasyNote, the Dell 6400, the BenQ projector, and the 1TB HDD. From here, the 6400 will probably get a new motherboard (although I will try a new screen as I have spares in), the EasyNote will be listed as is, and the A120 I will keep looking for a cheap donor for. The projector, I will list but might keep, and the 1TB HDD I have been offered £20 for, so this will likely go there. Overall I’m quite happy!

Tales from the Car Boot: Pebbles, Projectors and Photography

This week, it appears my purchases have been sponsored by the letter P. Managed to get all of these on my usual Sunday boot. Nothing worth buying on the Saturday (an iPhone 4 caught my eye but the seller wanted too much considering the SIM lock, cracked glass, lack of accessories, and it only being a 4), but due to my timetable changing for the second semester, I can attend my Wednesday boot again starting this week, so that should be good. Anyway, onto this week’s booting bargains:

Pebble Smartwatch

I’ve always liked the Pebble watch, and two of my friends recently purchased them in a Black Friday sale, and I was impressed by how useful they actually were. I’d always assumed that they’d be a bit crap due to the lack of touch screen, but they’re really not at all. Mine is now set up to link to my phone normally for phone notifications, and then at the weekend when I’m off for a run, I can link to my iPod and get fitness tracking information and control my music. I was very surprised to see one of these available on the boots, and even more surprised when the price mentioned was £50. With some bartering, I managed to get the guy down to £35. I had bought this to resell, but after a bit of a play on Sunday afternoon have decided to keep it as a little treat to myself, because why the fuck not? Also, it’s orange. The future’s bright, and all that.
Price Paid: £35

BenQ PB6200 Projector
This is an interesting one. This was purchased from a seller in a hall of ‘permanent’ traders, primarily dealing in furniture and antiques. It’s a place I frequent after walking around the Sunday boot, and there isn’t much in the way of stock turnover in these sorts of places. As such, I’ve seen this projector sit in the same spot for getting on for 3 months, and despite the relatively reasonable price tag of £40 that was on it, I always walked away, thinking it would never be tested and working and that I had much better things to spend my money on. This week, I plucked up the courage to ask about it, and spotted that it was actually plugged in and that it worked. After a bit more bartering (recurring theme alert!), I went home with it.

It’s a fairly standard and by now, slightly outdated model, with composite, VGA and S-Video inputs, and there’s a few scratches on it, but it is capable of outputting 720p via VGA and a resolution up to 1280×1024, and does give a reasonably clear picture. However, the fans are a little on the loud side and judging by the air coming out of them, it gets bloody hot! Allegedly the lamp has only done 26 hours, but given that this counter can be reset relatively easily I am doubtful of this. Still, a good purchase and one that will see some use for movie and gaming nights in my house. Probably be sold in the summer, as next year’s accommodation should come with a big-screen TV rendering this potentially useless to me. Should make my money back and more besides with relative ease.
Price Paid: £25

Sony A-mount 50mm lens
I’ll say this from the off, this one won’t be sold. I always keep an eye out for Sony or Minolta lenses (Some Minolta lenses utilise the same Sony A-mount system so are compatible with the Alpha DSLRs) for my Sony A200, and this caught my eye. Boxed, with all the packaging, looks like it’s hardly been used and there’s no marks on the glass too. Upon asking how much it cost, I nearly dropped the thing in the rush to get my wallet. I could have tried to haggle, but even without prior knowledge of the value of these lenses I knew that the price was ludicrously cheap, working or not! Went home, dug out my A200, mounted it to it, and Robert’s your mother’s brother, it worked fine, AF and all! A quick search seems to suggest these are worth around £70 used, and can be got new from Amazon for £91 at the time of writing. I now need a bigger camera bag!
Price Paid: £4 (Yes, you heard correctly!)

More tales soon, the story of the £60 iPhone 5 will be up sometime this week, hope you guys enjoy this!